Jungala Ocicat

Most people have heard or seen the Ocicats, but you never hear about classic “Jungala”. It is likely that is not a picture of one in a web site, that farmers are allowed to breed with them, However, they may not exhibit them. Our standard CFA Ocicat has shown only for announcements of the OIC and there are three additional variants in the OIC race, the classic “Jungala,”, the striped classic Ocicat in New Zealand called Jungala cat, as well as the name of the Ocicat breed ('OIC'), It is derived from the name of the cat of Ocelot, a Central American cat “Wild” or a cat “jungle”, the new name in Spain to the “Jungala”, It is also taken from the Sanskrit word meaning “the jungle”.

This race was achieved by the crossing of a mixture of Abyssinia, Siamese and American short hair. As such, is a home race, that was selectively bred to emulate the ocelot is found in nature, while retaining the friendly disposition of domestic.

The so-called “Jungala” is an Ocicat spotless. Or more specifically, a cat with genetic Ocicat expressing only a Tabby Classic pattern. The conformation and personality type are exactly the same as an Ocicat, but the pattern must conform to that of the striped classical model of the American short hair.
OIC-Classic has a large circle of shooting on each side of the torso widely defined with a beautiful color contrast. Their stomachs are also marked with spots. The spotted kittens are very nice, the classical coloring is awesome, with a luxurious and exceptional velvety color, an authentic and unusual combination of colors. Are highly prized for its stunning beauty. This pattern is especially striking when viewed in a silver Tabby, where the silver under light allows a strong contrast with the marks of the final layer color depth.

Jungala cats, like their counterparts Ocicat, they are very sociable and somewhat similar to dogs in their devotion for the people. They are bright, easily manageable and often are outgoing, even with strangers. As such, they are an ideal cat for households where there are other pets and children.

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