Cardinal Lory
Pseudeos cardinalis

Lori Cardenal

31 cm.. height and weight of 175 to 215 gr.

Distribucion Chalcopsitta cardinalis

The Cardinal Lory (Pseudeos cardinalis) It has a characteristic shape due to its relatively long tail.

Among adults, There is no sexual dimorphism, the plumage is completely brilliant red, but the upperparts and wings They seem to be darker.

The bill is orange-red with a black color in the base area.
The bare orbital skin is black.
The feathers the lower parts have small yellowish features, What gives a vaguely scaly appearance.
The legs are grey.
The irises is red-orange.

The immature has the back and blankets of Red Wings clear. Its bill It is pale orange with small black marks. Its orbital skin is whitish grey. Their irises are pale yellow.


It is a kind forest. It is very widespread and is locally abundant in primary and secondary forests. It is also in the forests in regeneration in coconut plantations and mangroves where there are trees in flower.

Can rise to 1.200 m above sea level, Although in the Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea), does not exceed of the 800 m.

It is a bird loud that does not happen easily unnoticed.

It is usually in small flocks of up to 20 birds flying high above the canopy. Also gets into branches higher trees in flower which is notable for its continuous shrieks and its beautiful bright colors.

Is often found in the company of the Coconut Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) and they particularly appreciate red flowers.

This bird is constantly moved in the day, flying from one island to another.


The breeding season probably starts in June. There are reports of links in August and stops extending to September.

To date, We have found a nest in a high tree cavity, at low altitude above the ground. This is the only information we have on the natural environment.

In captivity, the Cardinal Lory puts two white eggs. Both parents incubate and care for young people.
The incubation period is of 24 days.

When out of the shell, chicks weigh in 6 to 7 g.. They are covered with a white quilt, long and dense.

As with all the Loris type Chalcopsitta y Pseudeos the nest is especially long and hard between 65 and 80 days.


The Cardinal Lory is exclusively vegetarian. Feeds in the canopy and fruit Palms, small berries, flowers, outbreaks, also pollen and nectar.

This Parrot seems to mark a clear preference for the flowers and red fruits.


The Cardinal Lory It is endemic to the Islands to the East of New Guinea. Its area of distribution covers New Hanover and the islands surrounding (Tabar, Lihir, Thong, FeNi and Nissan). Extends to Buka and Bougainville. In the Solomon Islands occupies a territory that extends to the South of San Cristóbal.


– Current IUCN Red list category: Least concern

– The population trend: Stable

The world population It has not been quantified, but the species is described as abundant (pit et to the. 1997). Sources estimate that the total population in nature exceeds the 100 thousand copies.
The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence of any reduction or substantial threats.

However, is classified by the UICN as a species “in restricted zone “, which means that it has a territory whose surface is less to 50 000 km, therefore, potential danger.

Lori Cardinal in captivity:

Very rare.

In 1989, the Solomon Island allowed that a few Cardinal Lory were exported to the EE.UU.. However, because of the Law on the conservation of wild birds in 1992 The export of the Lori of Solomon Islands to the United States. UU. they banned except that is for authorized reproduction.

Alternative names:

Cardinal Lory (English).
Lori cardinal (French).
Kardinallori (German).
Lóris-cardinal (Portuguese).
Lori Cardenal (Spanish).

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Scientific name: Pseudeos cardinalis
Genus: Dusky
Citation: (Gray,GR, 1849)
Protonimo: cardinal lorius

Cardinal Lory images:

Cardinal Lory (Pseudeos cardinalis)


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Sounds: Niels Krabbe (Xeno-canto)

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