Caica Parrot
Pyrilia caica

Lorito Caica



23 cm.. height.

The head of the Caica Parrot (Pyrilia caica) totally black is it more distinguishable from this species, together with a collar Golden cafesoso that extends up to the chest.

The rest of the body usually Green, more clear in the belly and the inside of the tail; wing with blue stain and dark ends, Tip of the tail black.

Bill color bone; ring eyepiece bare of color grey pale; Orange irises.

The youth with crown green, face Dark greenish yellow, and collar not very notorious gold in neck and almost absent in chest.


It is found in humid forests little disturbed, firm ground, in Tepuis, from the 50 to the 1100 m.
Gregarious, They walk in small groups. They feed in the canopy of the forest.


Currently with little information about the reproduction.


In nature, It believes that its diet consists mainly of eucalyptus flowers, fruit, nectar and pollen.


Can be observed in the South-East of Venezuela, Guyanas and northeast of the Brazilian Amazon.



• Red list category of the UICN current: Near-threatened

• Population trend: Stable

Justification of the population:

The size of the world population Caica Parrot It has not been quantified, Although this species is described as ‘ rare’ (Stotz et to the., 1996).

Justification trend :

This species is suspected that it may lose 13,6-17,2% of habitat within its distribution over three generations (21 years) based on a model of deforestation of the Amazon (Soares-Filho et to the., 2006, Bird et to the. 2011).

Given the susceptibility of this species to the hunting and/or entrapment, It is suspected that its population will decrease at a rate close to the 30% in three generations.

"Caica Parrot" in captivity:

They adult acclimatised quite easily to a new environment and are very resistant … Conversational skills (in comparison with other species).
They are very quiet in an Aviary, with a personality friendly and Gentile. They are very sociable and it should be with a partner or in a group environment. In any way, It is not easy to see to the Caica Parrot in captivity.

Alternative names:

Caica Parrot, Hooded Parrot (English).
Caïque à tête noire (French).
Kappenpapagei, Kappen-Papagei (German).
curica-caica, curica, papagainho, periquito-de-pescoço-marrom (Portuguese).
Lorito Caica, Lorito de Cabeza Negra (Spanish).
Perico Cabecinegro (Venezuela).

Scientific classification:

John Latham
John Latham

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Genus: Pyrilia
Scientific name: Pyrilia caica
Citation: (Latham, 1790)
Protonimo: Psittacus Caïca

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“Caica Parrot” (Pyrilia caica)


– Parrots of the World – Forshaw Joseph M
– Parrots A Guide to the Parrots of the World – Tony Juniper & Mike Parr


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