Gato Mandalay

The origin of the breed Mandalay, of New Zealand, It began with the accidental crossing between the domestic short hair cat and Burmese, removed the gene of Burma. These crosses were performed independently by Dorothy Horton and Pat Hogan in the South of the island, and Jan Parsons in the North.

The accidental mating occurred for the first time in 1980 a Burmese female and a black cat without race named Tom.

Essentially, a Mandalay has the same type and temperament than a cat Birmano, with the exception of colors and hue of your eyes, that are an amber yellow in Mandalay.

In England, the equivalent of the Mandalay is the Bombay and in some New Zealand breeding programs, the import of the Bombay has been used to produce cats Mandalay. The us.UU. They also have an equivalent to the Bombay. Bombay English is only recognized in black.

The Mandalay are raised in New Zealand in a wide variety of colours and this is a fundamental difference between their counterparts in Bombay in the United Kingdom. The colors are the same, but more intense and the coat silkier than the los Burmese.

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