Somali cat

A common belief about the Somali people is that they are direct descendants of the Egyptian sacred Gaul. But the truth is perhaps less fascinating. The Somali is basically a Abyssinian longhair, the coat pattern is identical, but average length, and is something hairy.

From the beginning, the abisinios once had a hairy and long-haired puppy. In the Decade of 1940, the breeder Jean Robertson abisinios exported to North America, Australia and New Zealand, and in 1963, one of the descendants of long hair was introduced by Canadian breeder Mary Mailing in a local contest. The judge, Kcn McGill, He was so impressed that he asked one to raise it, and the first official Somali was his May-ling Tutsuta. While, in United States, breeder Mary Mague also bred long hair abisinios, those who called the Somalis. Canadian breeder Don Richings began to work with it using the cats of McGill, and towards the end of the Decade of 1970, American records accepted this race. Somalis arrived in Europe in the Decade of 1980 and is recognized around the world to 1991. There are more accepted colors in Europe than in some U.S. records.

The complexion of the Somali is similar to the race that comes, with long legs and agile and muscular body. Long hair may have up to twelve alternate stripes of dark marks in each hair, What produces an impressive brightness when the cat has all the fur. As all cats, silent substantially in spring, and in the year's hottest months or in warm climates, It may seem almost of short hair. With its winter coat, the tail becomes very hairy, and thanks to its color and complexion has earned the nickname of «cat Fox». Something wild appearance is confirmed by its active and independent personality, Somalis are excellent hunters and do not adapt well to life inside, unless it is all they have known. They are sociable and love to live in a House with many cats.

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