Cat breeds beginning with J-K-L

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of cat breeds that begin with the letters J-K-L

Alphabetizing breeds of cats

1 Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail he is a smart cat, playful and very curious, that radiates joy for life.

A white Japanese Bobtail cat –

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2 Shorthair japanese bobtail


Most official bodies consider that the Shorthair japanese bobtail It is a variety of Bobtail

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3 Javanese cat (Colorpoint Longhair)


The Javanese cat (Colorpoint Longhair) was inspired by breeders who wanted to take the qualities of the Siamese and alter the coat and colors

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4 Jungala Ocicat cat

jungala (1)

Most people have heard of or seen cats. Ocicats, but you never hear about classic

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5 Jungle Curl

Jungle Curl

Jungle Curl –

The Jungle Curl is an experimental breed from North America, so new and confidential

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6 Karelian Bobtail


The Karelian Bobtail is a Russian cat breed originating from the Republic of Karelia, on the Finnish border. Appeared from

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7 Korat cat


Known as a good luck messenger in his native Thailand, the Korat cat has always been a very popular wedding gift. This

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8 Kucing Malaysia

kucing malaysia 1

The idea of a cat that could identify with Malaysia arose at the end of 1994. Opinions were requested from the different international judges

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9 Kurilian Bobtail

Bobtail de las Islas Kuriles

Its affinity with water, which undoubtedly results from the nature of its natural habitat, it is a very special character trait, What

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10 LaPerm


Although today it is present on all continents, the LaPerm still a rare feline breed.


Coexistence is important

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11 Longhair Japanese Bobtail

Bobtail japonés de pelo largo

The Longhair Japanese Bobtail is a natural variant of the Shorthair japanese bobtail.

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