American Polydactyl Cat

The American Polydactyl Cat is specifically bred to have extra fingers, for his temper, your good health, and its color or size.
American Polydactyl
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A “polydactyl cat” It is a cat with a physical defect called polydactyly (or polidactilismo, also known as hyperdactyly), a type of genetic mutation that makes the cat born with more fingers than usual in one or more of its legs.

These cats are very hardy and can survive even in time of snow.

They reached the United States on Board of ships in the colonial era. Stayed them for sailors who considered as the lucky pets when they were in the sea.

Historically, polydactyly represented the 40% of the population registered among Maine Coon. Stated that the extra toes acted as snowshoes, to help these cats resistant to negotiate the snowfall in the harsh winters of New England.

Cats polydactyls It can be found in any race, but the American Polydactyl Cat is specifically bred to have extra fingers, for his temper, your good health, and its color or size.

Physical characteristics

How many fingers can a cat have on one paw?


Some american polydactyl cats they have up to seven. Perhaps the most famous American polydactyl cats were those that Ernest Hemingway wrote about., and as a result this breed is sometimes known as the Hemingway cat or mitten cat..

The American Polydactyl Cat he is medium to large in size and has a strong and muscular body.

  • Their heads they are wide, with a modified and medium-sized stop.
  • Its nose and your snout they are medium in size and the chin has a square look.
  • The ears they are wide and have a pointed tip. Times, The american polydactyl cat used as a stallion has highly developed cheeks.
  • The rounded eyes of the American Polydactyls are set at an angle, and any color or combination of colors is acceptable.
  • The same goes for the color of the coat and the length of the coat., as long as the hairs are attached to the body.
    The american polydactyl cat long-haired must have a hair soft and silky.
  • The bodies of the American polydactyls they are rectangular in shape, well muscled on a medium bone structure. Their breasts are well rounded and wide.
  • Some american polydactyl cats have tail short, and these cats have shorter bodies than those with long tails.
  • The legs of the american polydactyls they are straight and robust, and cats with tails have significantly longer hind legs than front legs.
  • Of course, the characteristic feature of american polydactyl cat are their feet with extra fingers. One of the extra finger shapes looks like a thumb, and for this reason the american polydactyl cats they are also known as “cats with thumbs”. The other conformation is that of another three-toed foot attached to the cat's five-toed foot.. The extra toes can be found only on the front feet or only on the rear feet, or all feet may have extra toes.
  • Character and skills


    The american polydactyl cat It is very similar to any other cat in terms of its personality and care. However, many owners have observed that their american polydactyl cats seem to have a more relaxed and gentle personality than other cats that have had. These cats are quite hardy and can survive even in snowy climates.

    The American polydactyl cat adapts very well to life indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both. They are outgoing pets, and they are said to be loving and patient even with children.

    Alternative names:

      1. Hemingway Cat, Mitten Cat, Extra Toed Cat, Six-Toed Cat, Big Foot Cat (English).
      2. Chat d’Hemingway, Chat à moufles, Chat à orteils supplémentaires, Chat à six orteils, Chat à gros pieds (French).
      3. Hemingway-Katze, Handschuh-Katze, Katze mit zusätzlichen Zehen, Katze mit sechs Zehen, Katze mit großen Füßen (German).
      4. Gato de Hemingway, Gato com luvas, Gato com dedos dos pés extra, Gato com seis dedos dos pés, Gato com pés grandes (Portuguese).
      5. Gato Hemingway, Gato de manopla, Gato de dedos extra, Gato de seis dedos, Gato de pies grandes (Spanish).
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