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Great hanging parrot
Loriculus stigmatus

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Great hanging parrot



15 cm.. length between 28 and 35 g. of weight.

The head of the Great hanging parrot (Loriculus stigmatus) is bright green, with bright red crown ending in a clear line across the rear of the crown not extending over the nape.

Green upperparts, lightly impregnated with yellowish-orange in the mantle; rump and uppertail coverts dark crimson. green wings; edge of the carpal bones with small red mark. The underwings of turquoise blue with small green coverts. The lower parts of bright green with red stripe below the Chin and throat Center. Upper, the Green tail; light blue below.

the black beak; pale-yellow IRIS; Pink-Orange legs.

Females lack Red Crown and has a narrow red bib; Iris can be darker.

Young birds lack the Red Crown, It has a bib less clear and more yellowish, yellow edges of the Carpus, and in general a duller Green.


Slight differences in the degree of the orange-yellow colour in the mantle of some populations of the island are not considered sufficient to differentiate them.

    Loriculus stigmatus stigmatus : The nominal.

    Loriculus stigmatus croconotus

    Loriculus stigmatus quadricolor


Little is known about the ecology of the species.. Possible seasonal movements have been observed. According to reports, not found in old-growth forest and most common along forest edges, in the open field, and sometimes around urban centers, until 1.000 meters above sea level. Birds move usually alone or in pairs, whether it is flying above or feeding on the trees in flower. Nest-holes in thick bamboo have been recorded.


Reproductive activity has been reported in February, from April to June, and in August and October
The Great hanging parrot nests in cavities. It usually lays three eggs. The female incubates the egg during 20 days and after hatching the chicks take time to develop 33 more days


The diet includes fruits and nectar.


common in Sulawesi, since the minahassa peninsula in the North, including Bangka and Islands Lembeh, to the South, also where in Muma and Button on the high seas. They are also found in the Togian Islands.

Of the three subspecies, including the nominal:

    Loriculus stigmatus stigmatus – Müller, S, 1843 – Celebes

    Loriculus stigmatus croconotus – Jany, 1955 – Buton Islands and Muna

    Loriculus stigmatus quadricolor – Walden, 1872 – Togian Islands.



– Current IUCN Red List category: Least concern
– The population trend: Stable

The size of the world's population has not been quantified, Although it is estimated above 100.000 specimens. The species is reportedly common and widespread in most of its range. (pit et to the. 1997).

The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence of any reduction or substantial threats.

"Great hanging parrot" in captivity:


Alternative names:

Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot, Black-billed Hanging-Parrot, Celebes Hanging Parrot, Celebes Hanging-Parrot, Celebes Spotted Hanging-Parrot, Great Hanging Parrot, Maroon-rumped Hanging-Parrot, Red-capped Hanging-Parrot, Sulawesi Hanging Parrot (ingles).
Coryllis des Célèbes (French).
Rotplättchen, Rotlättchen (German).
Lorículo do Célebes (Portuguese).
Lorículo Celebiano, Lorículo de Célebes (español).

scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Scientific name: Loriculus stigmatus
Citation: (Muller,S, 1843)
Protonimo: Psittacus (Psittacula) stigmatus

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(4) – male hanging by iggino – lynx
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Sounds: Frank Lambert (Xeno-canto)

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