Black-billed Hanging Parrot (2)
Loriculus philippensis bonapartei



Black-billed Hanging Parrot
14 cm.. length.

The Black-billed Hanging Parrot (2) is a subspecies of the Colasisi (Loriculus philippensis) being the only member of the genus, in the Sulu archipelago. The combination of the Red Crown on front, merging Orange gold neckband, and the black Bill are the brand identity of the Black-billed Hanging Parrot for both sexes. Apart from lacking these characteristics, the most similar species within the subspecies of Loriculus philippensis, the L. p. apicalis and L. p. dohertyi, they have the necks much more of orange-red color and a strong orange color shawl in broadcast.

The female of the Ceylon Hanging-Parrot has the Red Crown, reddish diffusion in the mantle, peak red and a whitish iris (males do not have the Red bib of birds of Sulu).

The front of the Crown of the Black-billed Hanging Parrot is red, shading back in Orange and yellow in the back of the Crown, with a clear line of demarcation of the Green mantle; bright green cheeks and Lores. Orange robe loosely washed in the Center; rump and bright crimson tail coverts (Blue Suffusion on sides of rump). Wings green brilliant with vane internal to blackish flight feathers. Feathers of the wings of Turquoise Green: below, the wings of blue. The Chin and throat bright Scarlet; rest of the underparts of bright green. Upper, the Green tail; Blue below. Black Peak; Brown irises; Orange to greyish legs.


The species is little known, But habits and ecology are presumably similar to the of the Colasisi. Commonly found front groves of coconuts on the coast, inside you have registered in forests, as well as partially cleared areas. Observed feeding on flowers of Palm and flying between the trees.


The breeding season starts around February and may continue until may. An average clutch can coasts of 2 - 4 eggs. Parents make their nests on top of the cavities of the trees.


Their natural diet consists of nectar, seeds, red fruits (especially wild figs), berries and flowers


Restricted to islands in the Sulu archipelago. Philippines, among them: Sibutu, Bongao, Sanga Sanga, Manuk Manka, Tawitawi, Siasi and Jolo.


There is no data

"Black-billed Hanging Parrot (2)" in captivity:

The captive breeding of this once rare species have been; It has however occurred in communal aviaries.

Alternative names:

Black-billed Hanging Parrot, Black-billed Hanging-Parrot (English).
Coryllis de Bonaparte, Coryllis à bec noir (French).

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Scientific name: Black-billed Hanging Parrot
Citation: Souance, 1856
Protonimo: Loriculus Bonaparte


“Black-billed Hanging Parrot” (Black-billed Hanging Parrot)


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