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Camiguin Hanging Parrot
Loriculus camiguinensis

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Loriculo the Camiguin



14 cm.. length.

The Camiguin Hanging Parrot (Loriculus camiguinensis) has the plumage mostly green, with the throat, front side of the face and the thighs light blue; the forecrown, the pyleus, the obispillo and the top of the tail red, While the rest of the tail It is also blue. Underwing coverts blue. Band of orange-red in the nape, that varies from bird to bird.

Bill orange. Iris grayish brown.

The males and females they have a similar appearance, the female has less blue on the cheeks.

The youth they are similar to the adult female but with only a slight tinge of blue in the cheeks and red on the forehead minimal or absent. Bill a pale.

In 2006 described as a separate species to the loricles who lived on the island of Camiguin, to the North of Mindanao, Since then it was considered a subspecies of the Philippine loricle in the.


Probably sedentary. Found between the 300 and 1350 meters in montane forests, secondary forests, at the edges of the forest near the settlements, in plantations in the areas planted with shrubs and coconut.

Usually seen individually, in pairs, mixed flocks or small families. Feeds in trees or shrubs; difficult to detect. It´s shy and cautious.


Breeding season probably between the months of September to November. Nest placed in the hole of a dead arbol-helecho. No other information.


It is said that they feed on nectar, seeds, especially wild banana (Musa), also soft fruit, berries and flowers.


Endemic in the Philippine island of Camiguin, off the North coast of Mindanao.



This species is threatened by its limited range, the natural habitat destruction and capture for the wild bird trade.

"Camiguin Hanging Parrot" in captivity:

Probably not remain outside the island of Camiguin.

Alternative names:

Camiguin Hanging-parrot, Camiguin Hanging Parrot (ingles).
Coryllis de Camiguin (French).
Camiguin-Fledermauspapagei, Camiguinpapageichen (German).
Loriculus camiguinensis (Portuguese).
Lorículo de Camiguin (español).

scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Genus: Loriculus
Scientific name: Loriculus camiguinensis
Citation: Tello, Degner, Bates,JM & Willard, 2006

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“Camiguin Hanging Parrot” (Loriculus camiguinensis)


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Sounds: George Wagner (Xeno-canto)

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