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Small Vendée Griffon
Francia FCI 67 . Small-sized Hounds

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Grifón Vandeano Pequeño

The Small Vendée Griffon or Small Basset Griffon Vendeen It is a small size hunting dog (Petit), under (Basset), hard hair (griffon) of French origin

It was a race used, mainly, for hunting rabbits due to its large olfactory.

It was developed from the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, larger copy, heavy and long.

In the past, often to raise both races together, was in 1975 crossing them was prohibited-law, although puppies with characteristics of both breeds could still be born in the same litter.

In France, It was a popular hunting dog for nearly a century (origin s. 16TH); However, the breed is relatively new in other regions.

It is a small and rustic dog with a careless and natural appearance., hard and rough hair. Their eyebrows, beards and mustaches are wooly. White base, with black spots, Orange or grey.

    Small Vendée Griffon (Hounds of small size)

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