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The Akbash he is calm and alert at the same time. Not shy, nor is it aggressive.



Characteristics "Akbash"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Akbash" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

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history “Akbash”

The dog's Akbash is native to western Turkey from the region known as the Akbaş, where he started to develop since ancient times for the care of livestock, especially sheep. Two of the names most commonly used to refer to this can, are Akbash and Akkush. Both names have a specific meaning in Turkish, So Akbash (Akbas) means "white head", and Akkush, "white bird".

This breed is thought to be the Turkish version of the typical livestock guardian sheepdog in the white variety, you are within (and around) of northern Mediterranean Basin. It has a unique combination of qualities of the molossians and hounds.

Its development dates back to at least make 3.000 years, and the reason white, was highlighted that in the field did not exist any difficulty to distinguish them from predators.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the early civilizations of these dogs (or better their ancestors) arose, what we know today as Turkey, makes one 10.000 years.

Akbash physical characteristics

It is a big dog, with a weight from 34 to 64 kg and a range around 69 to 86 height cm. It has soft and short fur (some parts with more hair), presents a double layer of hair, is generally white, but may be, a bit of light color of biscuits in the ears.

Videos "Akbash"

It has long legs, a queue that is screwed; they may have some pink hair Tufts, or with negruzco-bajo black or brown color stains their white coat. The edges of the eyes, the nose and lips should be completely black or brown black, Although some may have them pink.

It is believed that the ancient genetics of this breed was based on a combination of molosos and races of greyhounds. The Akbash has characteristics of both.. Although there is much variation in the size and height of this breed, usually are tall dogs, long and strong body. Most are quite flexible and light for their size.. They have loose neck skin to protect themselves from predators.

    Different native breeds of the country

Occupying the Turkish territory are three different races indigenous to the country; the Akbash, the Kangal and Kars. In Turkey is legal export Akbash, but it is illegal to export Kangal, because they are the national dog breed of Turkey.

Although initially the Americans and Europeans designating the same name for the three races (Dog Kangal Shepherd Dog), considering that among the three only the color and small details varied that did not make them differentiable; later, in 1996, was held at the University of Konya an international symposium that promoted the distinction between the three races of Turkish dogs protecting livestock.

Today they are considered separate breeds and there is an international association of the Akbash, Headquartered in the United States.UU. which promotes the popularity of the race around the world and, in special, in the United States.UU. where it is used to protect livestock from coyotes.

There are two varieties of Akbash: a long-haired and short hair, but both have the characteristic white color that makes this breed the perfect breed for caring for livestock., allowing to differentiate the dog of the Wolf with just the low light of the Moon.

Akbash character and skills

It is a dog quiet When not working. It also presents a majestic port transmitting calm. He is extremely loyal to his sheep, and it is even said that he creates very strong bond with them that arrive to make impossible their mating.

The Akbash It is a quiet dog and alert at the same time. Not shy, nor is it aggressive. When used as a protection dog, It is wary with any stranger that approaches their territory, and with the unusual sounds and changes in their environment.

The race is not naturally hostile, but as they were raised to think and act independently, This ingredient mark character; It is not a lap dog. If it educates small, would be perfectly suited to home life, If I had the opportunity to take long walks in the countryside, and a work to be done such as care for children, for example.

The Akbash It is one of the most popular around 30 races throughout the world under the title of Flock guardians, livestock protection dogs, or livestock guardian dogs (more commonly: LGD).

These dogs are known for their intelligence, courage, independence and loyalty.

Akbash pictures

Type and recognitions:

  • useful as herding dog, livestock care.
  • Recognized by the United Kennel Club UKC, An international registration of dogs that exalts the values, rewards ability and preserves the virtue of pedigree.
  • Recognized as one homogeneous race by the Turkish Federation of Dogs (HOW) and an associate member of the International Federation Cinológica (FCI)

Alternative names

  • Akbash, Akbaş Çoban Köpeği (English).
  • Akbash (French).
  • Akbaş, Akbaş Çoban Köpeği (German).
  • Akbash, cão pastor de Akbaş (Portuguese).
  • Akbash, Akkush (español).
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