Orange-winged Parrot
Amazona amazonica

Amazona Alinaranja



Description Orange-winged Parrot

Of 33 to 36 cm.. height can weigh between 350 gr y 450 gr.
The Orange-winged Parrot (Amazona amazonica) It is distinguishable by having the Centre of the crown and cheeks yellow, separated by the forecrown and sides of the crown pale blue, edge of the wing orange, and inside of the tail Orange with stripe green in the Middle.
The copies juveniles have a color different to it of them adults; the head is green, Blue and pale yellow.
It is not possible to determine the sex of the Amazons in a safe manner by their appearance.

Conservation status ⓘ

Least Concern ⓘ (UICN)ⓘ

Orange winged Parrot Video

Parrots in the world

Species of the genus Amazona


Present in varied habitats (dry forests, morichales, Savanna, stubble, mangroves, etc.) below the 500 m.

Frequently is seen in pairs or in flocks numerous out of it breeding season.


It is a kind monogamous (the couple stays together for life).

It nests in trunks of Palms killed apparently at the end of the season dry.
The female lays from 3 to 5 eggs and she incubates them for three weeks approximately. the chicks take two months to develop.


It feeds on various fruits, seeds and sprouts leaves. Including the fruit of Palms (Sloanea, Richeria and Byrsonima) , flowers Erythrina and sometimes cocoa.
You can take oranges and mangoes of the cultivated areas when other food is scarce.


Size of distribution area (breeding/resident): 7,420,000 km2

North and Central South America to the East of Peru, Brazilian Amazon and northeast of Bolivia.


• Current red list category of the UICN: Least concern.

• Population trend: Decreasing.

Trapped for the wild bird trade: they have been 268.510 wild-caught individuals for international trade from 1981.
In some areas of its area of distribution are hunted as food for the population indigenous.
The loss of habitat is also a concern.

Amazona Alinaranja in captivity:

Popular as a mascot for more than 100 years.
Loving, playful, with good ability to speak, sociable with people.

Known for being very friendly, easy to train, very Smart.
They need constant attention of their owners, they carry out all kinds of fun pranks to get that attention.
Over time, they will form a strong bond with his owner, they can however be quite noisy. They will make noise early in the morning and when the Sun is setting. This usually lasts for a few 10 minutes, to wake up and just before sleep.

Alternative names:

Orange winged Parrot, Common Amazon Parrot, Orange-winged Amazon, Orange-winged Parrot (English).
Amazone à ailes orange, Amazone aourou (French).
Venezuelaamazone (German).
curica, airu-curuca, ajuru-catinga, ajuru-curau, ajuru-curuca, curau, curuçá, Papagaio-do-mangue, papagaio-grego, papagaio-poaieiro (Portuguese).
Amazona Alinaranja, Amazona Guaro, Cotorra Alianaranjada, Lora Amazónica, Loro Real, Lora alianaranjada (Spanish).
Lora Amazónica (Colombia).
Loro Guaro (Venezuela).

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Genus: Amazona
Scientific name: Amazona amazonica
Citation: (Linnaeus, 1766)
Protonimo: Psittacus amazonicus

Orange winged Parrot images :

Orange winged Parrot Video:


– Book parrots, Parrots and macaws Neotropical


Our beautiful world
– An Orange-winged Amazon at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia. It is eating a slice of corn on the cob by Vasenka – Wikimedia
– by Patrick Ingremeau –
– by Snowmanradio (talk) – Wikimedia
– by Thore Noernberg –

Sounds: João Antonio de B. Vitto (Xeno-canto)

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5 February, 2016 3:59 pm

my lorita is an orange orange amzona and speaks a lot makes too much noise and likes to eat bones .
My question is how many years has to live.
Thank you

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