Blue cheeked Parrot
Amazona dufresniana

Blue cheeked Parrot


Physical characteristics


34 - 37 cm.. height and between 480 and 600g. weight.

The Blue cheeked Parrot (Amazona dufresniana) It is easily identifiable by the orange yellow wing patch, much more noticeable in flight.

Head with orangeade narrow stripe on the forehead; Yellow Crown, cheeks, base of the beak, sides of the neck to almost light blue Crown.

End of the wing dark, tail with yellow border, rest of green body.

Young birds with orange-yellow feathers on the front of the head and a violet color in the bottom of the cheeks.

The binomial name of this species is in honor to the French zoologist Louis Dufresne.

Video Blue cheeked Parrot

Parrots in the world

Species of the genus Amazona

Blue cheeked Parrot habitat:

It is found in humid forest, Gallery & sheets, up to 1700m.

It can also be seen sporadically in coastal areas, possibly in response to food availability.

Reproduction Blue cheeked Parrot:

They walk in pairs or small groups of no more of 4 - 8 individuals.

Reproduction and feeding, there is little information.

In nature, the breeding season occurs in March in Guyana. In captivity, the female lays 3 eggs that we do not exactly know the incubation period.

Food Blue cheeked Parrot:

We do not know the details of your menu, but it is assumed that they eat almost exclusively seeds, and berries.

Distribution Blue cheeked Parrot:

Amazon-fronted Parrotlet location

The Amazona dufresniana It is located in southeast Venezuela (Bolivar, with a record isolated on Amazon), Northern Guyana (to the north of 5 ° N), Northeast Suriname and French Guiana northeast (Y way Collar 1991).

There are reports of Para and Amapa, Brazil, where its occurrence seems likely, but there is no conclusive records (Y way Collar 1991, Collar 1995). The shortage of records frequently inspected areas suggests that this is a kind of low density and unusual, at the least in parts of its range (Y way Collar 1991).

a Guyana, Healthy populations are known in the area in northwestern Aruka Guyana, between Aruka and rivers Amakuru, Kaieteur National Park and the river Kuribrong, and the Iwokrama Forest Reserve (A. Narine a slightly. 2010)


Conservation status ⓘ

Near Threatened (UICN)ⓘ

Is in the category of near threatened (NT), due to habitat loss and illegal trade.

Classified as near-threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red list (1) listed in Appendix II of the CITES (4).

Conservation in March CITES Appendix II actions. Banded from Canaima National Park (Venezuela), Iwokrama forest reserve (Guyana) and the Brownsberg nature park (Suriname).

Blue cheeked Parrot in captivity:

Rare in captivity.
Placid temperament, seems less active than many Amazon.

Alternative names:

Blue cheeked Parrot, Blue-checked Parrot, Blue-cheeked Amazon, Blue-cheeked Parrot, Dufresne’s Amazon, Dufresne’s Parrot (English).
Amazone de Dufresne (French).
Goldmaskenamazone, Granada Amazone (German).
Papagaio-de-bochecha-azul (Portuguese).
Amazona Cariazul, Amazona de Cara Azul, Loro cariazul (Spanish).

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Scientific name: Amazona dufresniana
Citation: (Shaw, 1812)
Protonimo: Psittacus dufresnianus

Blue cheeked Parrot images:


– Book parrots, Parrots and macaws Neotropical


1 –
2- by Matthieu Sontag[GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
3 – By Bjoertvedt (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
4 –
5 – by © Michel Clément –

Sound: Olivier Claessens

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