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Jindo dog
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Korean Jindo Dog

There is no official written record- about the origin of the Jindo dog, but many authors agree that this breed has existed since several thousands of years ago in the Jindo Island, which is located at the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula. But, There are different theories about its ancient origin and the most accepted indicates that the Korean Jindo Dog originates from Korea.; the race has been well-preserved in this island because of the difficulty in transport in the past. In Korea, the Korean Jindo Dog are called Jindo-Kae or Jindo-Kyon; Kae and Kyon are the Korean language words that mean dog.

The Korean Jindo Dog is a dog of medium size, well proportioned, used for hunting and as a guard. Its pricked ears and coiled or sickle-shaped tail give it a vivid expression of agility., Fortress, vigilance and dignity.

The Korean Jindo Dog has a very strong hunting instinct.; In addition to being bold, bravo, alert and careful, not allowed to tempt easily and is hot-headed. First and foremost, is extremely faithful to its owner. It is reserved with strangers. In general, is not affectionate with other animals, particularly with males. It also has a good sense of orientation. It is a dog of a single owner; He quickly agree to a new owner but it never forgets its ties with the previous owner who raised him since that was puppy. Stays clean and eat little.

The Korean Jindo Dog has a double layer of hair. The inner layer is smooth, dense, pale, But enough to sustain the outer layer. The outer layer is stiff and somewhat separated from the body. Compared with the hair covering the body, the hair of the head, members and ears is shorter, and neck, cross, back and trunk is longer. The hair of the tail and rear of the thighs is longer than the rest of the body.

The Korean Jindo Dog are famous for their ability to hunt, because of his bravery, cunning, and sensitivity.

In addition to the usual prey of hunting, his hunting prowess is displayed in a legend that tells that three Korean Jindo Dog, they killed a Siberian Tiger.

They have been used, mainly, in deer and wild boar hunting.

The Korean traditional game that is free of weapons, have a pack of Korean Jindo Dog, was a real treasure. They used to go hunting, a master and his pack, So when the dogs managed to capture their prey, one of the Korean Jindo Dog, I went in search of the master, to lead to the dam, while the rest of the pack stayed watching the prey from the appearance of scavengers.

The Korean Jindo Dog, He is known for his unwavering loyalty and friendly nature. Because of this, There is a false idea that a Korean Jindo Dog is loyal only to its first owner or who raised him from puppy. This idea is not entirely true, What is certain is that they tend to keep their love for the people who have taken care of them forever., Although change home, they still want their former masters.

Because the Jindo is an active and intelligent dog, It requires frequent interaction with people or another family dog. For some, the Jindo may even be too smart, since he usually thinks for himself. The same intelligence that allows the dog to learn commands and tricks very quickly may be too much to try to tame...

To be so lively, It is a dog that gets bored easily if it is alone or locked up for long periods of time., You can try to jump over a fence or wall, digging deep wells, and it may even be very destructive if left trapped at home. Because of this many Korean Jindo Dog is found in animal shelters, abandoned by owners who knew what they were getting into by accepting the responsibility that comes with owning a Korean Jindo Dog. It is a dog who doesn't like anything the water, above all flows, some of them don't even want to go out when it rains...

Jindo dog

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