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Posted by tiadoc | 9 August 2011

- Sudáfrica


The South African Mastiff He is known for his bravery, his intelligence and his great resistance.

The South African Mastiff (or Boerboel) It is a dog breed of molosser South Africa, comes mainly from the junction between the Bullmastiff, Great Dane and the now extinct, Bullenbeisser.

This is a very suitable for the guard race, self defense and heavy work. Early examples date back to the year 1600.

Alternative names: Boerboel / African Boerboel / South African Mastiff / Burbul

Dogs breeds: Boerboel

Read all about the race by clicking on: Boerboel.

2 comments on “South African Mastiff
  1. Julia Ballon says:

    African Mastiff, I would like to have one. ahab die my golden retriever pet for little old lady and I am very sad.

  2. Abilio Vidal says:

    No comments, only plan to purchase a dog from South African race. I reside in Mozambique, in Niassa province, in Lichinga.

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