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Venezuela Not recognized by the FCI

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The Mucuchi is a large size dog, robust Constitution.




The Mucuchi, It is a breed of dog originally from Venezuela.

The origin of the Mucuchi comes from the invention of veterinarian doctor Wilender Ferrari, Although it is believed that they descended from dogs brought by the Spanish conquistadors at the end of the 16th century as watchdogs and herders. As possible ancestors are brought to the spanish mastiff, the Pyrenean Mastiff and the Algerian Mastiff, as well as the Atlas Sheepdog or Aïdi and the Great Pyrenees. Over the years these breeds of dogs were crossing creating a powerful dog and very versatile worker at the end.

Its importance in Venezuelan history arose after the hero Simón Bolívar arrived in the town of Mucuchíes, in the Venezuelan Andes, during their fight for Venezuelan independence and adopt a dog of this breed. For 1926-27 the Mucuchíes was found throughout Venezuela. After the wide distribution of the race, its purity and quality was in a serious decline during the first part of the 20th century. There is a famous painting of Simón Bolívar on his horse with the Mucuchíes dog that was given to him while he was crossing Venezuela to Caracas..

In 1961 a club was created in order to preserve the breed and to 1964 It was declared the national dog of Venezuela. Still the club disappeared, putting in an uncertain future to this dog.

In the 2008, in order to preserve the national breed of dog, the Ministry of tourism, led then by Titina Azuaje, approved to create the snow Foundation (Funev), It boasts six of these dogs, which will be transferred to the Warairarepano Cable Car System in El Ávila National Park, occur where environmental conditions similar to the Andes mountains. This initiative arose after the President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez, charge to Titina Azuaje Minister rescue this breed is in danger of extinction, and thinking of the needs required for their survival, the Warairarepano cableway was established as a suitable site, where they enjoy a suitable climate and a special care that will contribute to its reproduction.

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Nevado, was the dog of Simon Bolivar and was with him during journeys and battles, until his death.

It was when the Liberator went to a local mansion, Hacienda Moconoque, where he was received by “Nevado” What, Despite being a puppy, he was not intimidated by the weapons and threats of Bolívar's companions. De Mendoza explained that Bolívar was surprised by the dog's courage, It did pass his men to the Exchequer until that became his master.

The hero also met the Indian Tinjacá there, who had joined the liberation armies and, starting again, Tinjacá as snow went with the liberator.

Snowy accompanied him throughout the campaign, he fought in various countries and saved his life many times. Between stories which lived together, the President of the Funev pointed out that Tinjacá and snow were abducted by the Royalist Army, that not killed them because they felt through the dog would be able to catch the liberator. But, the dog runs away with the Indian to reunite with Bolívar.

The death of the can by a spear occurred precisely during the battle of Carabobo of the 24 in July of 1821, He sealed the independence of Venezuela of the Spanish Crown and held a 120 kilometers west of Caracas.

Snowy also appears in various historical paintings and a well-known statue next to the Indian Tinjacá, in Mucuchíes.

Otros nombres: Snowy / Paramo’s dog / Perro de los Paramos / Venezuelan Sheepdog

Dogs breeds: Mucuchi

Physical characteristics

It is a dog of large size, of robust Constitution, as all mountain dog, very nice and some magnificence, eyes Brown kindly expression, although it is an animal with great energy and despite having developed the instinct of vigilance, that it keeps you always in a State of alert, is relaxed and confident movements, as befits its strong texture.

Color: completely white, White with markings in various shades of honey-coloured and white with black spots. The Red or reddish spots, grey spots, the Tan with white spots or black with white spots are considered flaws.

Size: They measure between 55,9 to 71,1 cm..

For adult specimens the weight should be 33 to 50 kg for male and 30 to 37 kg for females.

Character and skills

The Mucuchi he is a very affectionate dog, Intelligent, and very active. Socializing and training is necessary. Them they can be aggressive with strangers.

The dog Mucuchi It was originally a herding dog and a guard dog.. First quality lost by the scarcity of herds in the Andean paramos but instead retained the quality of guardian.

It has a strong character, It very active, It is gentle and loving that you are familiar but reacts violently against any strange, unless teach you with a voice command to respect persons indicating to you.

This dog must be taken for a walk every day., being a walking long or trote. In addition to a wide area from which to run and play.

Not much cleaning is necessary.

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