FCI – Dog breeds Group 7 Pointing dogs – Section 1 – Continental Pointing Dogs

Group sections 7: Pointing Dogs

Section 1 : Continental Pointing Dogs

Section 2 : British and Irish Pointers and Setters

  • 2.1 Pointer

  • 2.2 Setter

The group of Pointing Dogs includes both Continental Pointing Dogs as the British and Irish Pointers and Setters. The Pointing Dogs are distinguished by a pointing position when they have seen the animal they are following.

Derived from hounds, the dog breeds that make up this group first specialized in this role for hunting birds, before its use was extended.

These dogs are easy to train and pose few problems when living in packs..

The function has been the determining criterion for the integration of the races in this group, that brings together dogs of different morphological types: Bracco, Spaniel, Griffon, Pointer and Setter. According to the criteria of use, Spaniel-type dog breeds are also present in the group 8.
Pointing Dogs are divided into 2 sections, based on geographic criteria.

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 7: Pointing Dogs
  • Section 1: Continental Pointing Dogs.

In this box we will focus on all the dogs included in the Section 1 (Continental Pointing Dogs).

1 Ariège Pointer

Ariège Pointer

The Ariège Pointer it is a quiet breed of dog, although sometimes stubborn, which is common among hunting dogs.


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2 Auvergne Pointer

Auvergne Pointer

Even today, the Auvergne Pointer is most often bred to become a hunting dog.

The precise origins

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3 Blue Picardy Spaniel

Blue Picardy Spaniel

Used for hunting, the Blue Picardy Spaniel is distinguished by its very pronounced style, his exceptional physical strength
and your

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4 Bourbonnais Pointing Dog

Bourbonnais Pointing Dog

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog at birth it is frequently tailless, it is also called “Glue cutter”.

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog to

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5 Braque Francais

Braque Francais

The Braque Francais little is raised outside its country of origin, and therefore it is not easy to find a puppy.

The “Bracco

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6 Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel are “Pointing Dogs” multifaceted, for all types of hunting and all-terrain.

The Brittany Spaniel It, as its name

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7 Burgos Pointer

Burgos Pointer

The Burgos Pointer is smart and learns easily, above all, tracking tasks.

The Burgos Pointer is a breed of

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8 Cesky Fousek

Bohemian Wire-haired

The Cesky Fousek It is a dog of Czech origin, defined as a breed of versatile.


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9 Dutch Partridge Dog

Dutch Partridge Dog

The Dutch Partridge Dog is ideal for hunting in a wide variety of terrain. They hunt with pistol shooting. Keep in touch with

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10 French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type

French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type

Some even say that the French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type it is a dog that was born trained.

The type French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type grew up in

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11 French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type

French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type

The French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type he is sensitive and loving, He likes children and feels comfortable in the city.

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12 French Spaniel

French Spaniel

Very gentle nature, courteous and intelligent, the French Spaniel is eager to learn.

The origins of the French Spaniel are very uncertain and

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13 German Roughhaired Pointer

German Roughhaired Pointer

The German Roughhaired Pointer has a calm and balanced character.

The German Roughhaired Pointer It is the breed of hair dogs

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14 German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

A strong hunting instinct is the most important characteristic of the German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer (Deutscher

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15 German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

The German Wirehaired Pointer is very affectionate, active and intelligent.

The German Wirehaired Pointer (Drahthaar) is a race of origin

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16 Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla)

Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla)

The Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla) They are very affectionate dogs and very attached to their family.

The long history of Hungarian Braco

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17 Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer

Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer

The Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer they are very close to their family and are affectionate and playful with their family.

appeared in some

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18 Italian Pointing Dog

Italian Pointing Dog

The Italian Pointing Dog is a friendly dog, energetic and playful to which loves to play.

The Italian Pointing Dog has been called the Pointer European

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19 Italian Spinone

Italian Spinone

in some countries, the Italian Spinone It doesn't get the publicity it deserves., because faster breeds of dogs are preferred and with more

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20 Large Münsterländer

Large Münsterländer

Nature Large Münsterländer is lively but not express nervousness.

Historically, the Large Münsterländer, It was a dog used for hunting birds and hawks in

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21 Old Danish Pointer

Old Danish Pointer

Given the hunting instinct of the Old Danish Pointer, it is necessary to socialize him as a child


It is important the coexistence that

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22 Picardy Spaniel

Docile and resistant, happy with little, the Picardy Spaniel however needs the constant attention of your caregiver.

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23 Pont-Audemere Spaniel

Pont-Audemere Spaniel

The Pont-Audemere Spaniel he is a gentle dog, very balanced and obedient. energetic, smart and loyal, they are easy to train.

The Spaniel the

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24 Portuguese Pointer

Portuguese Pointer

The Portuguese Pointer He is extremely affectionate and very attached to children, it is also a very submissive dog.


It is important to

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25 Pudelpointer


The Pudelpointer has a great passion for water and swimming, which probably comes from the influence of the Poodle on its

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26 Saint Germain Pointer

Saint Germain Pointer

The Saint Germain Pointer it is little known outside the French borders.

A versatile hunting dog that has been used not only for

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27 Slovakian Wirehaired Pointers

Slovakian Wirehaired Pointers

The Slovakian Wirehaired Pointers in an obedient and easy to train dog.

The Slovakian Wirehaired Pointers is a race

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28 Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander

The Small Munsterlander, is playful, joyful, Active, docile and learn very fast.

The Little Münsterländer, It is a breed of dog in German, Spaniel type.

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29 Stabyhoun


The Stabyhoun is very similar to the Dutch Partridge Dog, but smaller. It is practically unknown outside

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30 Weimaraner


The Weimaraner It is a medium-sized to large hunting dog.

The Weimaraner is a hunting dog especially

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31 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Korthals Griffon

Vigorous, fiery and proud, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon he is very attached to his master and his territory, What

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