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The Eurasian is confident, quiet, tolerant, adaptable, willing to learn and smart.



In the Decade of 1960, Julius Wipfel raised females of Keeshond (Wolfspitz) and males of Chow-Chow en Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, initially the Wolf-Chow. He finally raised this dog with him Samoyed and obtained an original dog with a natural structure and a balanced character.

In 1973 the breed was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and it is, therefore, the youngest German dog breed. The youngest breed, officially recognized German breed owes its name to its original European breeds (Keeshond = EUR) and asian (Chow-Chow and Samoyed = ASIER). The task of the robust companion and family dog ​​with character was not even hunting, nor grazing, nor on guard. The Eurasian was bred solely as a social partner for humans.

Physical characteristics

The Eurasian is balanced, well built, medium-sized, with erect ears. It can be of different colours: Beige, reddish brown, the Grey Wolf, black. A characteristic feature is the Agouti coat pattern and stripe and stripe patterns., that for example wolves also have.
The male has a height of 52 a 60 the cross and weighs cm, approximately, of 23 a 32 kg. The female has a height of 48 a 56 cm to cross and weighs between 18 a 26 kg.
Typical of the coat of the Eurasian is his dense undercoat, which is excellent protection against cold and also repels dirt. Just the muzzle, the face, the ears and the front of the legs are short-haired. The tail, the back of the front legs and the back legs have long hairs.

By the way, the Eurasian get their tongues partially and sometimes even completely blue from the Chow-Chow, whose blue tongue merged with the pink tongue of the Keeshond and Samoyed.

Character and skills

The Eurasian he is sure of himself, quiet, tolerant, adaptable, willing to learn and smart. Above all, animals are very close to their family members, which does not make them a one man dog.

The Eurasian they need constant and close contact with their humans and are therefore completely unsuitable for housing in kennels. In an animal shelter, these sensitive dogs would suffer extraordinarily and eventually wither. How the Eurasiers are so focused on their family, should not be left in the hands of other people, even when they are on vacation. Wants to be with his family, always and everywhere.

These sensitive animals have a special feeling for the mood and disposition of their humans, and have a distinctive social behavior towards others Eurasian. In addition, dogs of this breed are elegant, self-confident and at the same time pleasantly stubborn. They can even trick their owners into getting their way.

Activities with the Eurasian

Although the Eurasian does not have pronounced hunting behavior, a certain prey drive may be present, as in most dogs. However, with a loving consistency, understanding, patience and treats, the Eurasian can be trained to become trouble-free and appreciative companions, that adapt to all situations in life. However, training in an outer hand is out of the question for a Eurasian. If you demand absolute obedience to a dog, you must choose another race.

The Eurasian need about two hours of exercise a day. Your urge to move can be ideally satisfied by jogging, cycling the agility. Monotonous catch-up games like the one in “look for sticks” quickly bore this clever animal.

Eurasian care

Despite the dense undercoat, the care of the coat of the Eurasian it is not complicated and is limited to brushing once a week only during the change of coat, must be combed daily. The tongue of the Eurasier ranges from pink to an infinite number of varieties from pied blue to pure blue. The inheritance of Chow-Chow fascinates many passersby and often leads to confusion with the Chinese race. A Eurasier is an incorruptible friend for life.

Buying a Eurasian from a breeder

If you want to buy a puppy of Eurasian, you will need to be prepared for waiting periods, because there are only some 300 or 400 puppies per year under the umbrella organization of the VDH (German Canine Federation. Cubs Eurasian cost around 1000 EUR.

Eurasian images


1 – Kai de Eurasipomer (Nombre original Selly de Eurasipomer) by Siasegos / CC BY-SA
2 – Eurasier by
3 – Eurasier by
4 – Eigen gemaakte foto van een Eurasier (hondenras) by Ekta / CC BY-SA
5 – A beautiful Eurasier male I met during a walk. His name is Haiko vom Born by
6 – Adult tan and black eurasier dog on body of water by

Eurasian Videos

Dogs breeds: Eurasian
Raffi – Eurasian – 3 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types.
  • Section 5: Asiatic Spitz and related breeds. Without working trial.


  • FCI – Group 5: Dogs type Spitz and primitive type – Section 5: Asian Spitz and related breeds.
  • ANKC – Non sporting
  • CKC – Group 3 – Working Dogs
  • ​KC – Utility
  • NZKC – Non Sporting
  • UKC – Northern Breeds

FCI Eurasier breed standard

Eurasian FCI Eurasian FCI

Alternative names:

    1. Eurasian Dog (English).
    2. Eurasier (French).
    3. Eurasier (Hunderasse) (German).
    4. Eurasier (Portuguese).
    5. Eurasian (Spanish).
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