English Toy Terrier (black and tan)
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English Toy Terrier

In Great Britain they are increasingly rare and in the rest of Europe they are disappearing.



The English Toy Terrier (black and tan) is closely related to the Manchester Terrier. It was originally called Black and Tan Terrier y normalmente era incluso más grande que los especímenes actuales. They deliberately mated with him Italian Sighthound y sólo se utilizaron los perros más pequeños para la cría.

Originalmente se mantenían en Londres como cazadores de ratas. Due to its size, a menudo se ponían en el bolsillo de un bolso o un abrigo, donde debían protegerse de los carteristas. In the time of Queen Victoria it was very popular as a lap dog.

Physical characteristics

The English Toy Terrier (black and tan) he is a well balanced dog, elegant, compact, de construcción nítida y limpia.

Has a body weight of about 3,6 kg. The height of his body is about 30 cm.. With this size, the English toy terrier It is one of the smallest representatives of the group of terriers. So, falls in section 4 “Terriers enanos”.

This breed is characterized by a slim body. All four legs are straight and very delicate. However, at the same time, the representatives of these Terriers are sporty and muscular, so they can easily accompany you on long walks.

At first sight, the little dog's large, upright ears stick out. The dog's muzzle is long and reminiscent of larger terriers. The eyes of the English toy terrier they are alert and awake. All the Toy Terriers ingleses they have the hair pattern “black and tan”, what does black and tan mean. Most of the coat is black, but there are tan marks on some parts of the body. Así que el perro siempre tiene marcas de bronceado en la cara y el pecho. The coat of a English toy terrier it's short and smooth.

Character and skills

Hoy en día el English Toy Terrier (black and tan) belongs to the rare breeds and there are only a few breeders. Y esto, although this little terrier can be kept well even in city apartments. He is very close to his family and continues to be a good guardian, but tends to bark a little. He usually gets along well with children and is a tireless playmate. The little terrier also gets along with other dogs.

To the English Toy Terrier (black and tan) loves long walks and ball games. It can even be a good companion for shorter and not too fast jogging rounds.

The English Toy Terrier (black and tan) todavía muestran las características típicas de los terrier. They are brave, testy, lively, alert and cheerful. They learn quickly, but they also need some consistency up front. Todavía tienen un instinto de caza, así que desde el principio debes trabajar para dirigir este instinto de una manera aceptable.

Health and life expectancy

The English Toy Terrier (black and tan) tend to be a bit nervous, but otherwise they are quite healthy dogs. They can come to live off 13 a 15 years.

Similar breeds and relatives

The English Toy Terrier (black and tan) es similar al Manchester Terrier, the Italian Sighthound, the German Pinscher and the Doberman.

English Toy Terrier Care

This little terrier has an easy-care coat that never really needs to be washed. Once your Toy Terrier Inglés has been lying, you can wash it with clean water. Sólo debes usar un champú para perros si está muy sucio. El uso demasiado frecuente de champús destruye la capa protectora natural del pelaje, what can cause skin diseases.

Its English toy terrier he is a robust dog that does not normally need a jacket. En temperaturas muy bajas puede ser útil proteger a su perro con una chaqueta bien ajustada. Especialmente los perros muy pequeños tienen hipotermia cuando están en la nieve por un largo período de tiempo. The jacket should fit well and not get in the way of your dog when he runs and plays.

Check your teeth Toy Terrier Inglés regularly. El sarro puede formarse aquí, which in the long run can lead to painful inflammation of the teeth. Para el cuidado, a soft dog toothbrush can be used for brushing. A toothpaste for dogs is harmless and usually tastes quite good to animals.. Asegúrate de acostumbrar a tu Toy Terrier inglés lenta y suavemente a cepillarse los dientes.

The correct nutrition of the English Toy Terrier

The English toy terrier es una raza muy robusta que se lleva bien con la mayoría de los alimentos. Due to its small body size it is important to provide the English toy terrier de suficiente energía. To do this, for example, you can choose a type of food specially developed for small breeds. Los perros pequeños tienen una mayor renovación de energía que los grandes. Another way of feeding is to give the dog fresh food or homemade food. Aquí también se debe tener cuidado de asegurar una ingesta de calorías suficiente.

Alimenta a tu English toy terrier varias veces al día, since the small dog can only absorb small amounts. Although healthy dogs usually have good teeth, the food components should not be too large.

Debido a que el English toy terrier he is an adorable dog, many people tend to pamper him. However, many human foods are not suitable for dogs. So, their English toy terrier sólo debe ser alimentado con restos de comida si no contiene azúcar o especias.

Suitable accessories for the English Toy Terrier

You don't need many accessories for your English toy terrier for everyday use. For food and water your dog needs at least two bowls. The water bowl should always be full and accessible to your dog.

Like the Toy Terriers ingleses they are very delicate animals, deberías comprar un arnés bien ajustado. También es importante utilizar una línea de plomo ligero. Las líneas de tracción son menos adecuadas si su perro aún no ha aprendido a no tirar de la correa. A good alternative is to use a lightweight traction strap, that gives your dog freedom of movement.

To the playful English toy terrier loves to learn. Así que puedes hacer muchos deportes con él que también son adecuados para perros muy pequeños. Los maniquíes y otros juguetes de recuperación son buenos para el entrenamiento. It also, you English toy terrier will have a lot of fun with chew toys, that also support dental health.

Last, but no less important, debería proporcionarle a su English toy terrier a comfortable dog bed. There are several dog beds, almost all of them suitable. Whether your terrier is allowed on the couch or in bed, también puede darle una manta para perros allí.

It is very important that you secure your English toy terrier in the car. An adapter for the belt buckles can be attached to the harness. This prevents skipping while driving and reduces the risk to your dog in the event of an accident. An alternative is to accustom your dog to a transport box. You can also take him on the train in a transport box if he is used to it.

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1 – ENGLISH TOY TERRIER, NO JV-14 NO UCH X-Pected Dine Mites X-Factor by Svenska Mässan from Sweden / CC BY
2 – English Toy Terrier (Black & So) by AkselHelp / CC BY-SA
3 – English Toy Terrier by Lil Shepherd / CC BY
4 – English Toy Terrier by Lil Shepherd / CC BY
5 – English Toy Terrier by Lil Shepherd / CC BY
6 – Koira 2013 Helsinki 13-15/12/2013 by Thomas / CC BY-SA
6 – English toy terrier by https://pxhere.com/en/photo/883104

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  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Section 4: Toy Terriers. Without working trial..


  • FCI – Group 3 – Section 4 Toy Terriers.
  • ​KC – Toy Group

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FCIFCI - English Toy Terrier (black and tan)

Alternative names:

    1. ETT, English toy terrier (English).
    2. Toy terrier anglais noir et feu (French).
    3. English Toy Terrier (German).
    4. English Toy Terrier (Portuguese).
    5. Terrier miniatura negro y fuego, English toy terrier, Toy Terrier inglés, TERRIER INGLÉS DE JUGUETE NEGRO Y FUEGO (español).
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