English Foxhound

Foxhound Inglés

The English Foxhound is a breed of dog, Hound type. It descends from the St. Hubert dog, and the now extinct Talbot.

Its main function is to hunt with men on horseback. It can work for several hours without a break and in various types of terrain. Does not usually have as a pet, but it raised in private packs. It is a strong dog, live, bold and noisy.

It has a great physical resemblance with the Beagle, Although it is slightly larger. The average size of the Foxhound varies slightly depending on the gender of the animal. The males measure between 55 and 62,5 cm. up the cross, and females in 50,5 a 60 cm. up the cross. Generally weigh between 29,5 and 38 kg. Their fur is short and hard, tricolor-negro color, White and toasted or bicolor with a white background. It has a light head, and with pronounced eyebrows. The ears are medium-sized and falls, Hound style. His muscular back, It has straight legs and well located porte alegre queue, Whip style.

The English Foxhound is a very strong race. It needs plenty of exercise, run and run to be possible in very large spaces.

If it is in a small area, It can be very destructive.

The ideal lifestyle for the English Foxhound, is not an apartment, but it can adapt well in a suburban environment, If you are provided with exercise and appropriate care.

The English Foxhound was originally a dog Pack, therefore, Gets along well with other dogs and enjoys human company. Gets along well with horses, children and other pets, It is a friendly race, social, and tolerant.

The English Foxhound was created in the 16th century, then a careful mixture between the Greyhound (by speed), Fox Terrier (hunting instinct) and the Bulldog (tenacity in hunting).

These dogs, they were intended for the hunting of foxes and live close to the horses. They are still used for these purposes.

English Foxhound

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