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Posted by tiadoc | 14 May 2011

East Siberian laika

Laika de Siberia Oriental

The East Siberian laika (Vostotchno-Sibirskaïa Laïka), It had its origin in the wooded areas of the East Siberian and far East through crosses between Ewankis, Lamutes, You amures and other Laïka.

Laïka (Russian Лайка) It is the generic name for several breeds of dogs for hunting in the North of Russia and the region of Siberia, include the Karelia Laïka (or Karelo-Finnish), the Laïka Ruso-Europeo, the West Siberian Laïka, East Siberian Laika and Laika Yakutia. This race he belonged “Kudryavka”, a street dog in Moscow which was duly trained and became the first living being sent into space (1957) on the Russian ship Sputnik ; which she was erroneously under the name of their race: Laïka.

Is robust Constitution; her bone structure is strong and well developed muscles. The males measure of 55 to 66 centimeters, while females tend to be smaller, of 51 to 60 centimeters. Their fur is usually black and Brown, with spots of light grey, white, grey, black, Red and Brown shades.

El Siberia Oriental Laïka, It is that has more characteristics of the different varieties of Laïka, It is a little high, thin dog, strong bones; the shape of the head varies with regional varieties.

The ears are erect and triangular, always queue in a curve on the back. The coat is double layer, a long with straight coarse hair and a thick and soft sub-pelo.

East Siberian Laika is a hunting dog, within their prey is a variety of large and small animals, you go from squirrels, Marten, Moose, bears, wild boar and Cougars. They can also be used as sled dogs.

It tends to be aggressive towards large predators, they are quiet and well temperate with people, Although they can be good watchdogs and if he trains them in protecting against human intruders. In general, they are good dog company.

East Siberian laika

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