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Guatemalan Dogo
Guatemala Not recognized by the FCI

The Guatemalan Dogo It is a variant of the Doge race, a native of Guatemala. It's a watchdog.

Dogo Guatemalteco



From the age 1990, the Guatemalan Canophila Association began the study of this breed so that the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) grant worldwide recognition for the breeding of pedigree dogs, the only one in this region. In charge of studying the race to set their standard, approval and international recognition through the FCI is the veterinarian and zootechnician Arturo Chavez.

The Guatemalan Dogo is the product of random crosses between races Bull Terrier English, Dalmatian and Boxer. Records of its existence date from 1890, Well there are images of a Guatemalan Dogo in a collection of 12 photos of the day, property of Arturo Gallusser. It is also known that the family Gerardi, in 1910, I had some copies of these dogs, but it is unknown the offspring of the same.

Physical characteristics

"Guatemalan Dogo"

Dogo Guatemalteco
Dogo/Bull Terrier Guatemalteco: Owner Owner Oscar E. Lorenzana Gallusser – Oscar E. Lorenzana Gallusser, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is a dog that stands out for being a good watchdog, It is medium sized and somewhat longer than high, so it does not have a completely square appearance. His head is quite square and his lips are slightly; His jaw is quite strong and he has a scissor bite..

The weight males will of 40 to 45 kg and females in 35 to 40 kg. The height in the males is of 54 to 60 cm and the females of 52 to 58 cm..

The life expectancy of the Guatemalan Dogo, is of, approximately, 11 to 12 years.

Its color predominant is very bright white with some black or brown spots. The fur is short, rough, thick and quite attached to the body.

Character and skills

It is good guardian it ladra to strangers, but believes it only when necessary. You can get along with others but it creates a bond with his master, thus making it an excellent companion dog.

A bath is recommended only when necessary or it can be cleaned with a damp tissue to remove hair that has fallen or when it has become dirty. Socialization at an early age will be required with the people. Will also be made if you have other pets to be in the future not to fight with them, and that's not a totally aggressive dog.

Daily activities such as walks next to its owner is needed to not bored, since it is an energetic dog and can become destructive and stressed by not using the energy it possesses.

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