Bull Terrier
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Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier they are generally friendly, rarely aggressive.

The Bull Terrier or Bull Terrier English It is a pure breed of dog of the Terrier family.

The crossing of races, now extinct, Old English Bulldog and Old English White Terrier gave rise to a new race called the Bull and Terrier, at the end of the 18th century in Great Britain. There are also genetic traces of the Dalmatian, specifically in the spots that usually appear on the skin in the area of the stomach.

Towards 1860, the Bull and Terrier is divided into two branches, the pure white Bull Terrier and varieties of colour who frequented the fights of dogs (Although it was not the end for which were created since this is a companion dog) until that was finally recognized as a legitimate breed of dog.

The Bull Terrier grew up to be a dog of exposure and company, not for dog fighting.

The father of the race was James Hinks born in 1829 in Ireland in the town of Mullingar.

The first Bull Terrier worldwide known with this particular profile, was Lord Gladiator, born in 1918.

Physical characteristics

It is a dog strong, muscular and short hair. The accepted colors are white (allow spots on the head only, in other parts of the body they are penalized in exhibitions). The colors black, white, striped, red, Griffon and tricolor are accepted. Trademarks of pigmentation in the skin are not taken into account, When not involved hair. The colors, Blue and liver are highly undesirable in competitions, According to the standard of the breed.

The standard of the Bull Terrier Club in England, the ancient breed and originated from the same, It says that the striped is the desired color, given the importance of that color to the moment of including these early examples, that helped to correct problems of deafness and refresh the gene pool of the race, Therefore this recommendation maintains even included in the standard of the breed.

Typical characteristics are the oval shape of its head, that profile will curve downwards from the top of the skull to the end of the snout. The forehead is flat from ear to ear, front head is shaped like an egg. These dogs lack the fronto-nasal depression. And the eyes are triangular in shape, in fact, It is the only breed recognized with triangular eyes. Y, Another curiosity of this small is that, It is one of the few breeds that likes to eat the nails when not cut them.

There are no limits of weight and height, but the copy should give an impression of maximum solidity in relation to their distinctive traits and sex, but You can reach the 35 kg. There is one miniature variety where Yes, criminalizes overcome some stature.

The hair is easy to maintain, which is why frequent brushing can have it in almost perfect conditions. It can also help add oil in your food.

Bull Terrier - Standard FCI

HEAD : Long, strong and deep to the tip of the snout, but not tosca. Front view must be in the form of an egg and filled; its surface free of depressions or indentations. Profile view, is it bend gently down from the height of the skull to the tip of the nose.


Skull : The top of the skull should be almost flat between the ears.


Truffle : It should be black and curved down at the tip. The Windows are well developed.
Lips : Well-defined and glued.
Bite / Teeth : Lower jaw strong and vigorous. Healthy teeth, strong, clean, good size, perfectly regular scissors with a bite completes perfectly regular, i.e. than the face inside of the upper incisors is teeth in close contact with the external face of the lower incisor being placed perpendicularly on the jaws.
Eyes : They should be narrow and triangular, placed obliquely, black or so Brown dark as possible, so that they appear almost black, and with a shiny look. The distance from the tip of the nose to the eyes must be greater than there is from the eyes to the back of the head. Blue or partially bluish color eyes are undesirable.
Ears : Small, thin and placed close together among themselves. The dog must be able to keep them erect and tips directly upwards.

NECK : Very muscular, long, arched, slimming gradually from the shoulders towards the head, and without presenting Chin.

BODY : Well rounded, with well arched ribs, and deep from the cross to the chest region, so the last get closer to the floor than the abdomen.
Back : Short, strong; the dorsal line behind the cross is horizontal and is arching slightly towards spine.
Pork loin : Broad and well muscled.
Breast : Seen from the front, the chest is wide.
Bottom line and belly : From the chest to the abdomen should form an elegant ascending curve.

TAIL : Short, low-set and carried horizontally. Thick at the base and slimming to a fine point.



General appearance: The dog must be perfectly parallel and good limbs. In adults, the length of the fore limbs should be approximately equal to the depth of the chest.
Shoulder : Strong and muscular, but not heavy. Spacious scapulae, flat and very attached to the chest and oblique well maintained from the bottom to the top, at almost a right angle with the forearm.
Elbows : Straight and strong.
Arms : The forelimbs of round and strong bone.
Metacarpus : Perpendicular.
Previous feet : Round and compact with well arched toes.


General appearance: Seen from the rear hind limbs are parallel.
Thigh : Muscular.
Knee : Good angulation.
Leg : Well developed.
The Hock joint: Well angled.
Metatarsus : Short and strong bones to feet.
Back feet : Round and compact with well arched toes.

JOURNEY / MOVEMENT : With well coordinated movements, covering ground evenly with easy steps and with a typically cheerful air. When jogging, the movement should be parallel to the front and back, only converges toward a central point at fastest speed. Previous members must take them well forward and the rear should move evenly at the height of the hips, flexing them well in the knees and hocks with drive.

SKIN : Attached to the body.


Hair : Short, tight, rough to the touch and with a fine Sheen. A layer of soft texture Undercoat can grow you in winter.

COLOR : White copies : Pure white. The pigmentation of the skin and the spots on the head are not penalizables. Color copies: is the predominant colour; other equal, you prefer the Brindle. The colors black, striped, red, Fawn and tricolor are acceptable. Stains on white fur interspersed are undesirable. The colors Blue and liver are highly undesirable.

SIZE AND WEIGHT : There are no limits of weight and height, but the copy should give the impression of maximum strength consistent with their distinctive traits and sex.

FAULTS : Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered to the extent of the deviation of the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.


• Aggressive or fearful dog.
• Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

N.B. : The exemplary male animals should have two apparently normal testicles, fully descended into the scrotum.

TRANSLATION ENGLISH: Brigida Nestler / Original version : (IN)
Technical supervision : Miguel Angel Martinez

Character and skills

The Bull Terrier are generally friendly, rarely aggressive. His physical strength is comparable to its intelligence, and both your body and your mind must remain active. They need time to run and exercise. They are not very suitable for beginners in the breeding of dogs, that they require much time to be trained. Dogs are very caring and love the company, so it is not a good idea to leave them alone for a long time, given that with their powerful JAWS with stress coming to solitude can lead them to cause much damage in the housing. It is an excellent company and attack dog.

It´s extremely strong by which should not be left unattended with one child of 8 years, post tend to skip, play and by their muscle mass can topple unintentionally to the child, for this reason it is advisable to make a gradual socialisation between the child and the dog, so in this way, the dog understands the boundaries and the child to learn to interact with the dog, namely, striking a balance.

They need to do enough exercise at young age, but without excess, This can cause muscle problems. In addition, the breed is known for being very gluttonous, so it should be dosed food and exercise. Are excellent guard dogs and they are very tuned ear. They may also experience obsessive-compulsive behaviors as chasing the tail hanging around, self-mutilation is, Skip, biting his thigh, eat their feces and licking the leg; these animals like to be in the company, generally children.


The Bull Terrier, normally, they are free of genetic diseases. They tend to live in 10 to 12 years, Although they may live longer. The oldest dog that knows is a so-called Australian “Puppa Trout”, who lived up the 25 years. The Bull Terrier albinos can suffer from deafness.

The Bull Terrier is one of the breeds used for the creation of the Argentine Dogo (Hunting dog).

Although the name might lead to confusion, the Bull Terrier are not directly related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. However, both races have the same ancestry. There is a version in miniature of this race, officially called Bull Terrier miniature.

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  • Otros nombres: English Bull Terrier / Bully / Gladiator
  • Group 3 / Section 3 – Bull type Terrier.

Dogs breeds: Bull Terrier

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