Russian Hunting Sighthound
Rusia FCI 193

Galgo Ruso

The Russian Hunting Sighthound or Borzoi, It is a breed of dog developed in Russia.
Descended from the Arabic Greyhound being similar to a Russian ovejero dog. Formerly known as the Russian Greyhound, It was originally bred to hunt wolves and hares. It is graceful, strong and fast, reaching a height of between 66 and 79 cm and a weight from 25 until 48 kg.

It has a long and narrow head, small ears. Its tail is long and stooped and his coat is silky and it can be smooth or slightly curly. It is almost always white with dark spots. It is notorious for its elegant appearance. The Russian Greyhound or Borzoi had its moment of maximum glory in the tsars court where he was raised with great skill to use it of the Siberian wolf hunting.

It is a good Hunter of small animals, It is an affectionate and obedient dog with the master but, very distrustful with strangers, to the extent of showing aggression and even bite.

As all greyhounds, It also adapts to live in the House on condition of having large spaces where to move with great freedom.

Among all the Greyhound, the Borzoi is certainly the most “noble” by both their characteristics and their walk.

It presumably descended from the Egyptian hound and there are no accurate data on its occurrence in Russia.

But he knows, by writings dated to the year 1200, It was already used for hunting Hare and other larger animals.

For centuries it has been the dog of the families of the nobility and of the tsars. You can say without a doubt, that the Grand Duke Nicholas It was the largest of the breed breeder and used to have in the kennels over a hundred of these magnificent dogs.

The fall of the Tsars and the Russian nobility, It was the cause of the almost total disappearance of the breed of their country of origin, However, It is quite widespread in Europe and America.

His first appearance in England took place about a century ago, when Tsar Alexander II gave him a pair of Borzoi to Queen Victoria.

Exists in all colors but the most appreciated are the white uniform, White with grey spots, Red and atigradas. Unlike other races, the white spots must not have very defined boundaries, but window gradually with the other colors. The hair is long, with silky reflections, corrugated and big curls. Smooth on the head, in the ears and in front of the extremities. You can be absolutely white, or white with yellow spots, Orange, red, atigradas, grey.

The appeal of the males is of 70 - 82 cm., in females it decreases approximately 5 cm..

  • Alternative names: Barzoï / Russian Wolfhound / Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya / Psovoi / Russischer wondhund
  • Group 10 / Section 1 – Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds

Dogs breeds: Russian Wolfhound

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