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The Colombian Gegar (Gegar Colombiano) It is a breed of dog created by the deceased Germán García y García, recognized breeder of dogs in Colombia where the race is named.

Research for the creation of this race begins in 1975, This is practically a new race, created with the intention that Colombia had a national dog with standard, as the Peruvian Inca, the Dogo Argentino, the Fila Brasileiro or the Chihuahua Mexican.

Todavía es una raza en formación, at around 200 copies located in Bogotá, Ibagué and los Llanos.

He is a descendant of the Basenji, el Canaán Dog y una primitiva raza del interior del país Colombiano, that currently is considered extinct. Sin embargo es común ver similitudes entre el “Gegar” and the wild dogs or “criollos” also called “Gozques“, you roam the streets of the Colombian cities.

"Colombian Gegar"

Gegar Colombiano
Colombian Gegar – Mbloodt, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The research for the development of the breed, headed by Germán García y García begins with an extensive tour of the Colombian Atlantic Coast, García y García se percató de que en los pueblos de esta región existían “razas” parecidas, similar to a European race, exactamente de España y que fueron traídos a Colombia en épocas de la Conquista, según García y García en esta parte de la investigación no tuvo que hacer una inversión mayor en la adquisición de estos ejemplares, that on average one hundred pesos of the time paid by animal.

The second part of the research was developed in Bogotá where Germán García y García meeting 20 Creole dogs or “Gozques” como son conocidos en el país, in order to establish that the wild dogs (Gozques) they are the product of a mixture which began with the Ibizan Hound, native of Ibiza, raza traída por los españoles a América.

This race, very popular in Mallorca, joined to the Basenji, que llegó a bordo de los barcos negreros desde el África y cuya característica es una rareza entre los caninos: no bark, as dogs, sino que maúlla, as cats.

El cruce de aquel perro español con éste africano fue dando como resultado esta particular raza “criolla”, or “Gozque“, with that shortly after the conquest were populated coastal areas of the Magdalena, al igual que República Dominicana, Honduras, Guatemala, Panamá y los demás países en donde desembarcaron españoles y africanos con sus mascotas.

Inside the investigations García y García He also warned of the similarity that Colombian specimens have with the breed Cirneco dell'Etna, very popular in the region of Sicily, Italy. Es ahí cuando se presentaría el primer obstáculo de la investigación, ya que no se pudo traer ningún ejemplar de esta raza al país. So decide to bring a Basenji, but the crosses with the Colombian trees are a failure. Although it achieved three generations, the expected result was not achieved. Ears not stopped and even barked.

García y García continues with the investigation in Mexico where as a jury in a world dog show is located, no solo con las razas que conocía, If not with a totally new for him, the Canaan Dog, It is identical in many ways the Colombian native dog. García y García make crosses with these millennial dogs and finally, achieved what I wanted, un animal más alto que el “criollo”, with almost the same measurements at Basenji, zealous guardian, con cola de pluma y con otras características exclusivas de esta raza.

Dentro de las características especiales están, his extreme loyalty to the master, distrust to strangers, excellent Hunter, vigilante y bullicioso y de gran economía, because it does not require a special diet.

Physical characteristics

It is a small breed due to crossings which comes from, but it is a heavy-duty sniffer, excellent sense of smell and good habits of cleanliness, Constitution solid, its head is triangular skull measured the same as the snout, ears large in proportion to the head, upright, almond-shaped eyes, with scissor bite, not very short neck, cuerpo largo balanceado línea dorsal a nivel. Their front legs are straight, the later ones with low angle, queue in the form of sickle on the back.

The male measures of 38 a 43 cm and female 35,5 a 40,5 cm to the cross, and the weight of the males is of 10 a 14 kilos and the female 8 a 12 Kg.

Is chestnut pure and striped, in light shades to dark and can have these freckles of the same base color and white spots.

Character and skills

His temperament is of nobility to their masters, but rather distrustful with strangers, Intelligent, easy to educate, lively, good relationship with children and other pets including other breeds of dog depending on their education.

Great instinct for hunting, especially of animals such as hares and rabbits, and even rats, de gran actividad física, He likes to work and activities with his master. Su longevidad varía entre los 10 and 15 years of life.

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