Gegar Colombiano

Gegar Colombiano

The Gegar Colombiano (Colombian Gegar) It is a breed of dog created by the deceased Germán García y García, recognized breeder of dogs in Colombia where the race is named.

Research for the creation of this race begins in 1975, This is practically a new race, created with the intention that Colombia had a national dog with standard, as the Inca of Peru, the Dogo Argentino, the Fila Brasileiro or the Chihuahua Mexican.

It is still a race in training, at around 200 copies located in Bogotá, Ibagué and los Llanos.

He is a descendant of the Basenji, the Canaan Dog and a primitive race of the Colombian countryside, that currently is considered extinct. However it is common to see similarities between the “Gegar” and the wild dogs or “Creole” also called “Gozques”, you roam the streets of the Colombian cities.

The research for the development of the breed, led by Germán García y García starts with an extensive tour of the Colombian Atlantic coast, García y García realized that there were similar "races" in the peoples of this region, similar to a European race, exactly in Spain and were brought to Colombia in times of the conquest, According to García y García in this part of the research he did not have to make one investment in the acquisition of these specimens, that on average one hundred pesos of the time paid by animal.

The second part of the research developed in Bogotá where Germán García y García reunited 20 Creole dogs or “Gozques” as they are known in the country, in order to establish that the wild dogs (Gozques) they are the product of a mixture which began with the Ca Eivissenc, native of Ibiza, race brought by the Spaniards to America.

This race, very popular in Mallorca, He joined the Basenji, He arrived aboard negreros ships from Africa and whose characteristic is a rarity among the canines: not ladra, as dogs, but it maúlla, as cats.

The crossing of the Spanish dog with this African was resulting in this particular "Creole" race, or “Gozque”, with that shortly after the conquest were populated coastal areas of the Magdalena, like Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and the other countries where landed Spaniards and Africans with their pets.

Within the research García y García also warned of the resemblance with the Colombian copies with the Cirneco dell'Etna breed, very popular in the region of Sicily, Italy. That's when the first obstacle of the investigation would be presented, that not any copy of this race could bring to the country. He decides then to bring a Basenji, but the crosses with the Colombian trees are a failure. Although it achieved three generations, the expected result was not achieved. Ears not stopped and even barked.

García y García continues with research in Mexico where as a juror in a world dogshow lies, not only with the breeds known, If not with a totally new for him, Canaan Dog, It is identical in many ways the Colombian native dog. García y García performed with these ancient dogs and finally crosses, achieved what I wanted, a higher than the "criollo" animal, almost with the same measures to the Basenji, zealous guardian, with tail boom and with other unique characteristics of this breed.

Special features include, his extreme loyalty to the master, distrust to strangers, excellent Hunter, vigilant and hustle and great economy, because it does not require a special diet.

It is a small breed due to crossings which comes from, but it is a heavy-duty sniffer, excellent sense of smell and good habits of cleanliness, Constitution solid, its head is triangular skull measured the same as the snout, ears large in proportion to the head, upright, almond-shaped eyes, with scissor bite, not very short neck, dorsal line level balanced long body. Their front legs are straight, the later ones with low angle, queue in the form of sickle on the back.

The male measures of 38 a 43 cm and female 35,5 a 40,5 cm to the cross, and the weight of the males is of 10 a 14 kilos and the female 8 a 12 Kg.

Is chestnut pure and striped, in light shades to dark and can have these freckles of the same base color and white spots.

His temperament is of nobility to their masters, but rather distrustful with strangers, Intelligent, easy to educate, lively, good relationship with children and other pets including other breeds of dog depending on their education.

Great instinct for hunting, especially of animals such as hares and rabbits, and even rats, great physical activity, He likes to work and activities with his master. His longevity varies between the 10 and 15 years of life.

Gegar Colombiano

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