Canaan Dog
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Perro de Canaán

The Canaan Dog It is especially reliable and very affectionate with children.

The Canaan Dog (Canaan Dog) It is a very ancient breed of dog of the Eastern Mediterranean, in the place which today occupy Palestine and Israel. Known in Israel as (Hebrew: כלב כנעני, lit. Dog Cainita, Kelev Kna ’ ani), It is a typical feral dog in appearance.

The Canaan Dog He is a native of Israel and his ancestor par excellence is a very ancient race called Pariah Dog. Of the Pariah Dog drawings have been found in tombs of the era of 2,000 BC. The Pariah Dog was common before the occupation of the Roman Empire in Israel, It was used as Shepherd and guardian. But at the time when the Romans occupied Palestine, The Pariah Dog was on the verge of extinction. Some returned to the wild life in the desert and others were living on farms, but very few.

In the middle of the 20th century of Israel Army wanted to have a native dog who serve as support for some operations, and while it is good guardian. Thus enters the history of the Canaan dog Dr. Rydolphina Menzel, his task as, at the request of the army, was to find that race.

The Dra. Rudolphina Menzel, After studying the Maroons in the desert dogs, its variations and appearances, classified them into four types:

  • Heavy: appearance of shepherd dog.
  • Similar to the Dingo.
  • Similar to the Border Collie.
  • Type Hound.

In his study concludes that the Canaan dog is derived from the third kind, similar to the original Collie (not to the modern Collie). It is a breed with a long history. After being a dog domesticated for over two millennia it returned to its wild state, in the Negev desert. But in the middle of the 20th century, interest in the breed grew and was regarded as the ideal breed of working dog that is perfectly adapted to the harshness of the climate of the Middle East. It was so he returned to live with humans, and since then tried to return to domesticate it but trying to not lose that courage and survival instinct which have allowed to live in one of the most hostile climates in the world.

Federations canine that recognize this breed:

  • American Kennel Club: AKC (United States). Recognized the breed in 1997. In the "Herding Group".
  • United Kennel Club: UKC (United States). Recognized in 1992.
  • American Rare Breed Association: ARBA (United States).
  • Kennel Club: KC (Great Betraña). In the "Utility Group".
  • Federation Cynologique Internationale: FCI (Belgium, with federations affiliated in the rest of the world).

Physical characteristics

The Canaan dog is of medium-sized, has a well-proportioned head, depressed skull not is neither Center nor flat, the strong and slightly long, wide nose.

Their eyes they are fed with very dark eyelid margins and dark brown.

The ears low insertion, they are short, broad and slightly rounded tips, is always upright.

The tail It has abundant hair and always carries above the spine, some specimens observed that the tail is sickle-shaped.

The fur It can be short or mediumlength, straight and hard to the touch. Long hair is not desirable according to the standard of the breed.

The color the mantle can be various shades ranging from color sand to reddish brown. Also, You can be black and white, black and white, Brown and white; all varieties with or without mask. The only not accepted colors are gray, the striped, the black and Tan, and the tricolor.

The males measure of 51 a 67 cm. to the cross and weigh in 20 a 25 kg. Females are somewhat smaller, measuring of 48 a 58 cm and weigh in 16 a 20 Kg. Anyway, the measures They vary according to the International Canine Federation that set the standard.


Like all primitive dogs you have highly developed senses of sight, the sense of smell and hearing. The Canaan dog is able to warn of the presence of a stranger at one distance five times higher than observed in other dog breeds.

Character and skills

They have a very strong survival instinct (due to its history...), This leads to that are always on alert and wary of strangers, minimum change or anything perceived as a possible threat, alert with their barking, is an excellent guard dog.

It is a strong advocate of its own but, is not aggressive. She loves the children family, and it protects them as if they were their offspring, that is why when at home children outside the family, You must be careful because it will not allow gross games, blows, shoving…

They are very intelligent and learn very fast, This leads to monotony them bored, stimulation is necessary according to your needs.


You must socialize from very small, because if not your natural distrust could become excessive shyness, and this will not be anything healthy.

If the Canaan dog lives in the garden it is very likely that we surprise him digging a burrow circular, typical of the breed, that is called "canaani hole".

The Canaan dog was one of the breeds used for the creation of the Colombian Gegar.

Imágenes del Perro de Canaán
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  • Otros nombres: Kelev K’naani / kaleb kanaani / kaleb cannan / Canaan Dog / Kanaanhund / Chien de Canaan.
  • Group 5 / section 6 -Primitive type.

Dogs breeds: Canaan Dog

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