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Brasil Buldogue Campeiro - Bordoga

Bulldog Campeiro

The Campeiro Bulldog, He is noted for fidelity with its owner



The Campeiro Bulldog (Buldogue Campeiro or Bordoga), It is a dog breed originating in Brazil Bulldog. This is an ancient breed of working dog. The current, It descends from the ancient Old English Bulldog (Old English Bulldog), brought to Brazil during the 16th century by European immigrants.

This breed was once very common in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and southern Brazil at the end of the year 60, where the role of the dog was largely focused on farms and slaughterhouses, in the capture and domain of the cattle or pigs. Over the years 70 He was in danger of extinction due to the introduction of new laws and health measures, but he returned to be present in Brazil, Thanks to the hard work for the conservation of the Bulldog breed, carried out by Ralf Bender Schein.

The old English Bulldog was quite common, He was in much of Western Europe during the second half of the 19th century, and such was his importance to, in States like the Vatican there is no specific legislation to regulate the transit of animals on public roads.

At the same time, he woke up - in the well-to-do sectors of European society- the interest of creating a serious development and the formation of distinct castes, all of them are derived from the Old English Bulldog, as the English Bulldog and the modern French Bulldog.

In Brazil, European immigration (German, Italian, Poles, etc.), increased during the early years of the 19th century and mid-20th century, they brought with them many animals, among them, several types of Bulldog, as for example, the old English Bulldog.

Physical characteristics

The Campeiro Bulldog, is a medium-dog, very a little heavy and robust for your height. With the short snout (approximately, one-third of the length of the skull), the ears are small and pendants. Short and crooked tail. The colors of the mantle are all are accepted, its soft fur and short.

Its ideal height is between 48 and 58 cm up to the shoulder and its ideal weight is of 35 - 45 kg for males and females.

Character and skills

This type of dog Bulldog, in Brazilian soil, It has been preserved, above all, Thanks to his talent for surveillance and to work with livestock, the best features of working with cattle and pig dog, in fact they are the most popular for this function.

They were the most popular, because in addition to the farm work, as for example dragging pigs by the ears to the right place, when escaping, was also a excellent guard dog What, While the cowboy rested, He dedicated himself to caring for the horse and carriage of any intruder Potiphar. He maintained the functional features of its predecessor, the old English Bulldog, being able to give life to dominate a bull, of up 400 kg.

This capability was very used in the old slaughterhouses in the southern region and the region where today is located the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, the Campeiro Bulldog, He was commissioned in drag to the cattle biting his snout and handed them over to the slaughterer. But with the development of the technologies applied to these media, monitoring health and animal protection measures, It prevents the use of dogs in these establishments (Fortunately), and also with the development of animal husbandry, These dogs were losing their initial use, with so much speed that they came to extinction.

At the end of the year 70, This dog was on the brink of extinction, and it was there that Schein Ralf Bender began an effort to rescue these dogs, that materialised in 2001 When the CBKC recognized the breed Campeiro Bulldog (Pampa Doge).

It´s distrustful to strangers, is very quiet, and not when it is not necessary it ladra. You need a little exercise every day, and long walks through the countryside from time to time will keep completely happy.

The Campeiro Bulldog, stands out by the with your owner loyalty (It may be a little jealous), ease of adaptation and above all by the warmth with children. It is also remarkable strength and courage that give exceptional guardian dye.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Federations: CBKC
  • Molossians / Working dog / guard dogs
  • Estádar CBKC de la raza Campeiro Bulldog

Alternative names:

    1. Buldogue campeiro, Brazilian Bulldog, Countryside Bulldog,Pampas Bulldog, Buldogue campeiro (English).
    2. Bouledogue de Campeiro (French).
    3. Campeiro-Bulldogge (German).
    4. buldogue-pampeano, campeiro, bordoga (Portuguese).
    5. Bordoga, Dogo Pampa (Spanish).
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