Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro (also known as Cão of row and Cabeçudo Boiadeiro) It is a breed of dog of Brazil of large and imposing appearance. It´s, for his temper, considered one of the best guardian. His faithfulness became a Brazilian proverb: “Faithful as a row”. Always looking for the company of his master. This breed was created from the old Bulldog cross (aggressive temperament), English Mastiff (body strength and vigour to bite) and of the Bloodhound (large capacity of smell to track).

Race typically trotting. Powerful bone structure, rectangular and compact set, Although harmonious and well-proportioned. It presents, along with his body mass, a concentrated and easily perceptible agility. Females must present a well observable femininity that clearly distinguish them males.

In Spain is regarded as a potentially dangerous dog breed, by Royal Decree.

For possession, you must obtain the licence for possession of dangerous dogs and register it in the corresponding Municipal registry of potentially dangerous animals. One of the things that are required for this license is insurance of civil liability to third parties.

A very remarkable feature of this race, It is the skin of the copies must be loose and coarse on the trunk of the body, primarily on the neck, where should be very pronounced saumure, which, occasionally they may extend to the chest and abdomen. Some specimens may have a fold that descends from the cross up to the shoulder and another fold on the sides of the head. When is the animal at rest, the head should not show folds, but when the animal is in a State of alert and lifts the ears, the contraction of the skin on the head, It does appear some folds in the skull between the ears.

The fur is short, dense, soft and well stretched over the body. There are standard colors (black, yellow, Golden, reddish, etc.) also spotted with uniform color background and more or less dark streaks (striped dark, striped black, striped gray, striped red, yellow striped, etc.). There may be, or not, presence of a black mask. May appear white markings on feet, the chest and the tip of the tail.
The height at the cross in the males is of 65 to 70 cm and females 60 to 65 cm.. The minimum weight is of 50 kg for males and 40 kg for females.

His long and elastic step, is very similar to the cats. Its main feature is the simultaneous displacement of the two members of the same side, then move the two members of the other side, also known as “passage of camel”; This generates a swagger, with lateral sway of the legs and chest, accentuated by the tail when it is upright. When the copy is in step his head stays under the dorsal line.

The trot is loose, harmonious, with striding very broad and powerful covering the ground pretty well. The Gallop is always powerful, where is the dog a very fast speed for an animal so large and heavy. Its displacement is always influenced by the typical joints of a trotting, that it allows rapid and sudden changes of direction.

He possesses courage, remarkable determination and dash. With their masters and the family is docile, obedient and, extremely, tolerant of children. Their loyalty is notorious, for he seeketh strongly the company of their masters. One of its characteristics is to be distrustful with strangers.
Is quiet in nature, which reveals a security and self-confidence very own character. Adapt perfectly well to new environments and strange noises. It is a special guardian of properties, and it is, by instinct, a pasture for cattle dog, as well as also a Hunter of large animals.

When is at rest, his gaze is an expression that reveals that he is a calm animal, noble and sure of himself. Never show a gaze lost or boredom. When is attentive, his expression shows determination, namely, a fixed and penetrating gaze.

Fila Brasileiro

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Hello I wanted to know how get the dog fila brasileiro?

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