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Cordoba Fighting Dog
Argentina Extinct

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The Cordoba Fighting Dog was combative, tremendous control value and resistance.

Perro de Pelea Cordobés



The Cordoba Fighting Dog (Cordobese Dog) is an extinct breed of dog, Argentine-born.

The Cordoba Fighting Dog it was a cross of Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Boxer, and the Old English Bulldog.

The old Cordoba Fighting Dog (PPC) originated in Córdoba (Argentina) in the last century. It was a special animal for combat, tremendous control value and resistance; they died fighting, they never shied away from the encounter. But they lacked smell and speed, In addition, their ferocity towards their peers made them useless for hunting..

This, added to the number of specimens that died in dog fights, led to its extinction. The Cordoba Fighting Dog was able to hunt in small groups of males and females, otherwise they would turn against their hunting companions.

The race was so aggressive towards other dogs, that males and females would rather fight each other than mate.

But this primitive race had in itself two essential qualities. An excellent ancestral heritage and great functional gymnastics, Since the rough fighting to which they were subjected from generation to generation, they were increasing more and more their original bravery.

This dog, It was almost always white and some with spots barcinas, were given in various streams of blood, to avoid inbreeding, the contribution of the different races that would result in the Dogo Argentino.

Physical characteristics

The official canine club of Argentina describes the Cordoba Fighting Dog as a “very strong and muscular dog, with powerful jaws and large teeth”. It had short white fur., sometimes with markings around the eyes, and could reach 70 height cm.

  • Otros nombres: Córdoba Fighting Dog / Cordobese Dog / PPC.

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