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Old English Bulldog
Inglaterra Extinct

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Antiguo Bulldog Inglés

Several breeders are trying to recreate the extinct breed of Old English Bulldog



The Old English Bulldog was a breed of dog, quite fierce comparing it with the tenderness of the current English Bulldog. Be used for shows as bloody as fights with bulls and Lions, his specialty was biting their nose until the animal couldn't take it anymore and was knocked down by the dog.

Historians are fairly confident that the Old English Bulldog derived from an ancient breed of dog warriors, as the old mastiff or Alaunt. Others believe that the true origin of the breed is not at all clear. Representations in old engravings show that the variety was, without a doubt, a small mastiff, with a relatively long head. The word ‘Mastiff‘ We used, finally, to describe these smaller mastiffs, in the fight with bulls, it proved be lethal, Mastiff, It was used as part of the description, by the power of the dog that joined speed in action (something not very common in large Mastiffs), transformed into a beast.

It also had blood Greyhound and perhaps that genetic ingredient was what gave him speed and agility that Mastiff blood could not give him. Then, It is believed that the size reduced of the Old English Bulldog and weight, with the features provided by the English Greyhound (the English Greyhound) that is the time samples.

A painting of 1817 of Samuel Raven, You can see two relatives of the old English Bulldog, Crib and Rosa to, exemplify the physiognomy of this ancient dog, though he didn't have as many wrinkles around his head and neck, not as large as our current bones English Bulldog. They were faster that the English Bulldog current.

Through John Scott, the painting became the best known and most reproduced painting of dogs at the time. This chart provides a picture of the extinct old English Bulldog breed. The image is often remembered by exhibitors as an ideal way to race.

In England, with the adoption of the Act of cruelty to animals in 1835, there was a gradual decrease in breeds of “but toro” and fighting dogs in general. And that led to a lack of interest in the perpetuation of the Old English Bulldog.
Three dogs from the Duke of Hamilton, strain of the Old English Bulldog, “WaSP, Child, and Billy“, they were depicted in a famous painting and recognized as one of the last known specimens of the breed before it became extinct.

Despite laws prohibiting dog fighting, the activity continued for many years. Breeders continued to work in search of a superior fighting dog with greater speed and dexterity., one of the completed crossing was the of the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier, thus created a new race called "Bull and Terrier”, forerunner race of the current Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier, and the development, It has accelerated the extinction of the old English Bulldog.

Several breeders are attempting to recreate the breed extinct with some success. But, These recreations do not amount to the old English Bulldog, post the genetics of the breed have become extinct.

A contemporary recreation of the breed Old English Bulldog, Since the Decade of 1970, with a breeding program developing dogs of this breed for working with cattle, at Ohio University (United States), the goal was to recreate the old English Bulldog. This modern version, although he possesses similar physical abilities, you don't have the violent temper of the old English Bulldog. This recreation was carried out by the crossing of Bulldog English, and Bullmastiff, American Pit Bull Terrier, and the American bulldog.

There are several recreations of the race, but they have not become popular, within them can appoint to the: Able Bulldog, Old Tyme Bulldogge , Renascence Bulldogge , Victorian Bulldog , Aylestone Bulldog , Bulldog , and the English bulldogge.

Character and skills

Often confused with the old English Bulldog, the English Bulldog is characterized by its sweetness, However, It has remained little speed, the agility and ferocious disposition that were the defining characteristics of the Old English Bulldog.

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