While the origin of this breed has been questioned, given the number of different versions that exist of the cross, one of the versions most consensual tells that they have reached the shores of Great Britain with the Norman invading armies of William the Conqueror in 1066. Y, also, There is enough consensus that the Harrier today is the product of crosses between the Beagle and the Foxhound, born in the South of England, and their ancestors are big hounds dogs.

The Harrier is a light and strong dog, less potent and is used for hunting hares. It has a long and slightly arched neck on top. The eyes, medium sized and oval, they tend to be dark. The short ears, almost flat and V-shaped, they are inserted high but they are pendulous carried.

The fur of the Harrier is shiny, hard, dense and short, well glued to the body. The hair on the ears is finer in texture than the rest of the body. Are white, black and bark, lemon and white, Red and white, black, White and bark.

The Harrier has a very fine sense of smell, is very resistant, persistente…, It seems that never were fatigue and can reach a good speed and keep it, While still at its prey, reason which has been used since its origins to hunt in Pack.

It is not recommended for apartment life, If the owners are sedentary, because they need space to maintain assets. It is an ideal companion provided that it is well exercised, otherwise it can become a foolish and destructive dog, either be all day screaming. They are ideal for going out to run.

They are very sociable, but usually they are cautious and distrustful to strangers, But if they are given the proper socialization they tend to be very friendly. It is a tolerant dog, friendly and cheerful. For its history of life, between packs, they mix well with other dogs. They get along well with children.
He is very obedient and intelligent, which is why, education and training firm, consistent and loving, gives very good results. Their life expectancy is around the 12 years.


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