This ancient lineage of dogs, known today as Hokkaïdo (name of the second Japanese island, largest), It is also known as Kyushu or Dog Ochi. According to historical data its existence dates back to year 1000 BC. The offspring of dogs Hokkaïdo, is uncertain, but some authors believe that they come from the Nordic dogs. The Hokkaido is, probably, the oldest Japanese purebred. Similar to the Scandinavian Spitz in appearance, also has features of the Chow Chow and of the Shar-Pei.

Since its origins has been used as a guard dog in the Hokkaïdo island, and, also, in hunting bears and other large animals.

In 1937, this breed was recognized as a Natural Heritage of the Japan, by the society for the preservation of Japanese races.

It is also a breed recognized by the FCI.

This is a dog's size medium; its height usually get to the 53 cm in males and the 48 cm in females. Its weight varies between the 20 and 30 Kg. Their life expectancy is around the 14 years.

The fur of this species is double: the sub-pelo is dense and soft and external hair is coarse and size medium or short. Their colors vary between the red fire, black and grey.

With regard to his temperament, Whereas it is a hunting and guard dog, We highlight features such as the bravery, impulsivity, agility and speed of movement.

Within the family, is a tame animal, Devoto, with a safe and protective temperament with children if it it accustomed it to their presence from small. However, tends to be distrustful with strangers, reason why you need a good training and re-education of their less sociable side.
They are very active dogs and it is necessary to provide good rides, long walks, workspace very well to the family but they need space, have garden in which to be at your own pace.


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