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Huntaway (New Zealand Huntaway or New Zealand Sheepdog) It is a breed of dog native of New Zealand What, Since its early inception, they were used to drive vast herds of sheep using their strong and deep bark. The breed is relatively new, its existence dates back to the Decade of 1900.

Aunque actualmente es ampliamente considerada como una raza aparte dentro de los perros de trabajo y todavía no ha sido reconocida por ningún club canino.

The true story of the origin of the breed Huntaway, also known as New Zealand Sheepdog, no se conoce con exactitud pero sí, hay muchas teorías que arroja luz sobre ella.

The Huntaway It was used (and uses) in all New Zealand to lead and manage the massive flocks of sheep. Currently, These dogs are considered part of the heritage of New Zealand, aunque no estén reconocidos como raza por ningún club canino.

The sheep were introduced in New Zealand, debido a que el clima húmedo y templado lo convertían en un lugar propicio para el desarrollo de este ganado. Las características climáticas hacen que las precipitaciones se extiendan durante todo el año y que esos grandes rebaños de ovejas cuenten con pastos ricos siempre disponible para alimentarse.

Before he Huntaway get fame, small herds were managed by dogs Collie que habían sido introducidos en el territorio nacional. As time passed, the herds grew to massive proportions and it was then, when the dogs Collie they were not able to cope with such development.

Muchas cosas confluían, the long hair of the Collie, el clima cálido y húmedo, su trabajo silencioso que a medida que crecían los rebaños se tornaba poco efectivo… Because, the passage of time and livestock development demonstrated that these dogs are tired at high speed, carecían de resistencia y su modo de trabajo silencioso llevaba a que el pastor no supiera dónde estaban sus perros. Y…, nacía el caos.

The farmer often (given the size of herds) podía encontrarse a casi un kilómetro de distancia desde (on the other side of the herd), years. At that time, what I needed was a dog of short hair that is adapted to the climate without difficulty, con resistencia y que se pudiese oír a grandes distancias. From these needs arose the birth of the Huntaway.

Some studies of dog breeds maintain that the early introduction of the Collie and other races, llevaron a que los ganaderos comenzaran programas de cría, in order to create a dog with the qualities needed to work with massive flocks. They think that within the crosses have been present races as the Beauceron, the Bloodhound, the German Shepherd, the Labrador Retriever and the Rottweiler, but this is only a conjecture. The race Huntaway exists only ago 100 years… and it has not delved too.

Physical characteristics

8 month old Huntaway in Wellington, New Zealand –

The Huntaway they are large dogs, they usually weigh in of 18 a 29,5 kg and its height to cross varies between the 51 and 61 cm..

The color their coat may vary, common colors are solid black, black and tan (is expected), Black with some white or striped. The layer can also be of different textures, It can be smooth or wavy, and the hair can be short or long, the ears are medium-sized and slightly pendants.

The life expectancy of a Huntaway is of 12 a 14 years of age.

Character and skills

The Huntaway they are very smart and single owner. It has an admirable resistance, puede correr todo el día y no mostrar ni signo de fatiga. They are easy to train and very vocal, It can be taught to bark at the order of his master. Usually, no suelen tenerse como animales de compañía, porque son –principalmente- working dogs. Pero en los últimos años han empezado a gozar de gran popularidad y es común verlos en hogares.

Como decíamos, they are intelligent, kind, very energetic, active dogs that require a lot of exercise. They have been bred to guide sheep by the hills and mountains of New Zealand, donde es difícil caminar o montar, What hand signs and whistles are used to communicate orders to these dogs when they are at a distance.

They are known for being noisy dogs, especially when working.

Thanks to its grazing conditions the breed Huntaway has gained popularity all over the world, in Japan the first Club of the New Zealand Huntaway. In Australia they are widely used for sheep work.

A municipality located 184 km to the North of the capital of New Zealand (Wellington) call Hunterville It is very famous for its statue of a dog breed Huntaway. Allí todos los años brindan un homenaje especial a la raza, la fiesta se celebra el primer sábado después del Día del Trabajo, they are games and competitions, races between pastors and their Huntaway dogs. Es una festividad muy importante porque allí se reúnen pastores que viajan desde todas partes de Nueva Zelanda.

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  1. I have a female huntaway at home with a large garden. Now you have 13 años pero aún corre tras conejos. His bark thunks, she is a hunter, smart and loving. We adopted her with one year. It has been and it has made us happy, now he has a year and a half casav, with whom you feel like a mother and educate you. We will miss her in a few years


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