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Posted by tiadoc | 9 May 2011



The Hovawart is a breed of German origin, of working dog, Perhaps more old.

Currently with documentary records dating from 1473, as for example, legal texts of the time, through which condemned with very high fines to anyone that dared to kill a Hovawart, the price of the fine was whether those who committed the crime was in the darkness of the night.

Within these historic documents, is a painting by the German painter, Albrecht Dürer entitled "The Knight", "Death and the devil" (in German, Ritter, Tod und Teufel), in the note under the horse, a dog's physical characteristics very similar to the Hovawart.

The etymological root of the word Hovawart, derived from two: Hova (farm or property) and Wart (guardian).

Who developed this breed was the K.F Köning cinófilo, that you have selected dogs of the area of the Black Forest and areas of Hartz, and then crossed them with breeds like the Leonberger, the Newfoundland, the German Shepherd and Kuvasz.

There are three varieties of color. Black fire, black and yellow. It has a very bright and smooth coat.

It is a breed of dog, created for the job, for pasture herds, What makes it a very protective instinct, with much self-confidence, guardian, very sociable and balanced. The character makes it an excellent companion for the family and especially with the little ones (the weakest of the rebaños…).

As with all pet, need to walk it and let it run, exercise.


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