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Chilean Terrier
Brazil Not recognized by the FCI

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Fox Terrier Chileno



There is a history of its presence in Chile in the colonial era, when European immigrants settle in South America, bringing with him specimens of race Fox Terrier Smooth and the BRatonero Bodeguero Andaluz, those that crossed with local dogs without a defined breed gave life to the Chilean Terrier.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the breed developed in the "fundos" of the center- on from Chile, easily acclimating to a rustic life, many times of "cavalerie".

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Fox Terrier Chileno - Canito

Terrier Chileno buena mascota para grandes y chicos

At the end of the 19th century and with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, many peasants emigrated to the cities, taking with them their families and their Chilean Terriers. This is how he adapted to “urban” life, being used in new industries and new human settlements (cited) for the extermination of rats.

Much of his popularity in Chile was due to the character in the comic strip Condorito and its always faithful Chilean Terrier “Washington”.

Since the year 2004 that a group of breeders and fans of the breed decided to work together to, first, organize a serious breeding plan that would perpetuate the characteristics that were maintained naturally for decades.

In 2007 the National Club of the Chilean Terrier, grouping that established the type to be standardized. It has the virtue of adapting to a great variety of climates and forms of life, still being used in rural areas to exterminate rodents and as a watchdog, due to his acute hearing, giving immediate warning in case of danger or threat. It adapts perfectly to city life as a cheerful and lively companion dog..

Since a few years ago that the Trade Union Association of breeders and exhibitors dogs Chile (ACEPE, A.G.) He has been developing the project which is intended to be the first Chile dog breed officially recognized, period in which specialized exhibitions have been organized, implemented a system of identification and has formed a team of enthusiastic and studious of these dogs work.

This has been the impact and the response of the lovers of dogs for this race in Chile, which for some time has been integrated into the Group 11 by the Kennel Club of Chile (KCC),with the permission of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

The Chilean Terrier, is the first Chilean dog breed followed by perro Ovejero Magallánico

Physical characteristics

Its color main is white, which is accompanied by black and brown markings. It has a short-haired undercoat that sometimes hints at some dark spots visible through the white coat.. The ears are set high with a forward slanting tip in the shape of a “V”.

Has well-developed teeth and bite. Males have one height of between 32 and 38 cm to the cross, being the ideal height of 35 cm.. Females are between 28 and 35 cm in height to the cross, being the ideal height of 32 cm males weigh between 5 and 8 kg, being the ideal weight of 6,5 kg. females weigh between 4 and 7 kg, being the ideal weight of 5,5 kg.

Character and skills

according to many, These dogs, they are very obedient and easy to train, It is said that they have a great capacity for concentration. They are also very nervous, so most of the time, are shivering give an appearance of frailty or cold, but they are just nerves.

These dogs, they tend to be quite territorial and even aggressive with strangers and pedestrians, but at the same time they are shy and tremendously attached to their owners.

They have a feline appearance, that they bow his column as cats, and they tend to jump great heights without hurting you.
They are usually used for small game hunting and -mainly- as companion dogs.

English ancestors inherited temperament restless and barking, While the local dogs the balance it calcó, the bravery, loyalty and spirit of guard.

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