Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz
España Not recognized by the FCI

Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is happy, restless, loving, Nice and brave.

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a breed of dog native Spanish for small size of Western Andalusia, especially in the province of Cádiz. Its name comes from the main function of this breed in the cellars of the Marco de Jerez: the hunt for mice hidden between barrels.

The origin of this is found in the English wine merchants Terrier dogs who settled in the area of ageing of the Marco de Jerez (Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria) end of the 18th century and early 19th Centuries. These dogs (in its most Fox Terrier Smooth) they crossed with those used in the holds and blocks to eliminate rats and mice that were there.

The result was the obtaining of gifted dogs for hunting rodents and vermin, they were crossed together and soon attained a great homogeneity. The selected color was white, that this made it easier to distinguish the dogs in the usual darkness in areas where developed its work.

In October of 1983 the founder of the race, Bartolomé Benitez Pérez-Luna, He presented the first statutes of the Association of breeders to the Ministry of the interior. It is from that moment where is born the national Club of the dog Ratonero Andaluz.

After the first contact with the estates in Andalusia cinófilos, establishing a working group to explore the Andalusian geography for the presentation of the race, participating in demonstrations of various dog shows, fairs of cattle and livestock.

Another step in this stage of the race is the location, measurement and control of existing copies for the further elaboration of the official standard of the breed. In this section include the collaboration shown by breeders of race as Manuel Clement, Nicholas Domecq, Matthew Anton, the Lavi brothers, the caves brothers…, all of them are engaged in one form or another in agriculture or livestock, stronghold where was Ratonero Andaluz.

After a hard work of control and with the invaluable collaboration of the Faculty of veterinary in Córdoba, you get to the drafting of the first official standard of the breed in 1997, which was approved during the extraordinary Assembly of the National Club of el Perro Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz in January of 1998, being President Bartolomé Benítez and having joined the club a group of fans as Sebastian Guzmán, Manuel Mateo, Juan Antonio Jaén Téllez, etc., which gave the race the final impetus for the subsequent recognition of the same.

Coinciding with the term as Agriculture Minister Miguel Arias Cañete, the Club of the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz decision-maker requested the recognition of the race. It should be noted that it is at the request of the Association develops and approves the decree law regulating the native dog breeds and breeders associations, participating as partner and Advisor of the President and founder of the race.

In September of 2000, in the presence of the Minister of agriculture and the Royal Canine society of Spain in Jerez de la Frontera, recognized race, adopting the standard proposed by the club and enclosing it in the Group III, section 1: Terrier's size and media.

The breed is not recognized by the FCI or by any other international cinológico body.

Physical characteristics

Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a dog of medium-sized, measured between 34.9 and 43 cm on the cross, with an appearance very similar to the of the Jack Russell Terrier, even on occasions has been called Jack Russell Spanish.

It is a dog Agile, Slim and athletic, the head is triangular, with a semi-plano skull. The eyes they are very dark, has the long snout and ears high.

The fangs they are long and rounded, and all the teeth fit perfectly, superior with lower.

The tail It is traditionally attached to a quarter of its length, However, they can also be born with a natural Bobtail.

The fur is short and dense, It tends to be white. The facial markings are a mixture of Brown, White and black marks (known as Tri-color), they usually have brown eyebrows, and always with a black mask.

Breed: The CNRBA standard


CRANIAL REGION: Sub-convex profile.


FACIAL REGION: Перфил straight носовой. Фуэртес lips and firm. Complete denture, with фуэртес incisors and bitten ru особенностью пневматических механизм для ножниц.

  • Small eyes, somewhat oblique, little outstanding with acute expression e умный.
  • Ears care UK, folded forward, and if нет, ru Роза. Triangular broad-based implementation. Insertion СМИ high, at the height of the затылочной.

NECK: Good Де здания, long and muscular, Сильнодействующие and грех double chin.

TRUNK OR BODY: Little pronounced cross. ОАО "ЛОМО" short and strong де musculature. Line дорсо-поясничного отдела прямой кишки and something descending towards the rump.

  • Chest width, chest-профундо and somewhat arched staying slightly above elbow of the.
  • Slightly arched ribs. Hindquarters и rounded. Slightly gathered belly.

TAIL: Де альта перпендикулярной to the rump implantation, well erect был zvezdy. Born Anurans де длина переменной in a percentage very high. Ланчи amputated leaving ООН his длина quarter can be.

LIMBS: Very right-wing and фуэртес, Де medium thickness, correct limbs and accused мышечной development.

Former members: Scapula и and oblique. Perpendicular elbows Аль soil. Round hands with fingers very., with moderately extended phalanges Лас or, preferably hands of cat, wide and round nails. Carpi and well-developed pasterns. Pillows very Plantar фуэртес.

Later members: Very фуэртес and powerful, ГИБКИЕ, Де thighs long and powerful, Грех excessive rigidity, Musculosos но. С back view, parallel. Пироги with Лас moderately extended phalanges or, preferably cat, round and tight, that same nails in hands. Coxal-бедренное angle / д (110º). Economic вертикали leg (110º). Hock which is denoted very well Эль tendon. Эль angle, very / д, oscillates between 130 and 150 degrees. Metatarsal фуэртес, elongated and developed.

MOVEMENTS: Ну и элегантные номера, and coordinated, with iz rotation of and сальто.

SKIN: Very attached центре Аль body Ха.

HAIR: Very short and dense, abundant all through the body.

COLOR: Эль pure Бланко with некоторые predominates spots in the body неграс, allowing the компанией presence of fire between Аль негр на if Лас-spots получаю много сообщений типа для лучшего домашнего использования of the tail in the перианальной area. Де Кабеса цвет негр and fire with компанией presence де цвет Бланко in некоторые occasions. Black truffle. Охос-вот darkest possible. Will penalize Лос Brown colors, grey, Slate or adalmatado.


Height at the withers: Be tolerated 2 more Эль Перро/a Си CMS is harmonic / and грех умолчанию added.

  • Males: Of 37 CMS- 43 cms, Будто все мои the идеально 40 cm..
  • Females: Of 35 - 41 cms, Будто все мои the идеально 38 cm..

FAULTS: Deviation from the described criteria анте Если be соображений умолчанию, Будто все мои gravity де this depending on the deviation from the standard де Градо. UK two types are catalogued:


  • Nose pink or depigmented spots.
  • Elongated body.
  • Very short limbs.
  • Де chicken rump.
  • Shy and cowardly character.
  • Absence-де-Лос-four eyes (fire on the cheeks).

DEFECTS МОГИЛЫ (qualifying):

  • Monorchidism or cryptorchidism.
  • Манто де uniform цвет than нет моря Бланко. Компанией presence де reddish stains негр ru грех Шон нет areas head, zone перианальной and tips.
  • Long hair, curly or Дюро.
  • Улучшенный e уступает prognathism.
  • Bite that нет ни моря, in особенностью пневматических механизм для ножниц.
  • Very elongated body.
  • Totally nonpigmented nose.
  • Erect ears, Erect star.
  • Ear pendants or backward.
  • Компанией presence де rear Spurs.
  • Coat with grey spots, Slate, bluish or Бланко adalmatado.

NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles, Star descended.

DATE OF PUBLICATION: Adopted at the Генеральной Ассамблее extraordinary of the national Club of the Buzzard winemaker green Перро, Дель day 21 in January of 1.998, Изменениями в этих in the "I and II Jornadas де recovery of la Raza" and approved by the Royal Society for promotion of dog breeds ru Spain Эль day 21 in September of 2000.

Source: National Club of el Perro Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz.

Character and skills

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz, is a happy dog, restless, loving, Nice, brave and with genius.

Highlighting its functionality especially in regards to tenacity and available at all times for hunting rodents, but not for this reason ceases to be a faithful companion, adaptable to all kinds of weather, extremely clean.

Y, as the cake Strawberry very attentive to children It is his second love.

Фото Ratonero Bodeguero Green
Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz videos

  • Otros nombres: Fusterri / Perrillo ratero / Perro de cuadras / Matarratas / Bodeguero Jerezano / Andalusian Rat-Hunting Dog.
  • Group 3 / Section 1 - Large and medium-sized Terrier (According to Real Sociedad Canina Spain).

Dogs breeds: Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

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