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Posted by tiadoc | 7 August 2011

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The Boerboel He is known for his bravery, his intelligence and his great resistance.

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Boerboel (or South African Mastiff) It is a breed of dog of molosser type originating from South Africa, comes mainly from the junction between the Bullmastiff, Great Dane and the now extinct, Bullenbeisser.

This is a very suitable for the guard race, self defense and heavy work. Early examples date back to the year 1600. The race is fully standardized in Africa by associations as HBSA, SABT and EBBASSA.

This breed comes from South Africa, where came up with the purpose of protecting the farm. "The word"Boer"in Afrikaans means"farmer"by"Boerboel"meaning the"dog of the farmer”. Is not known with certainty of races originated but is believed to be derived from dogs brought by the Germans, French and English.

Physical characteristics

It is a large dog whose weight It can be placed between 70 and 90 kg, cases in which the weight came to 95 kg. The height males will of 64 to 70 cm and the females of 59 to 65 cm..

It is a strong dog, muscular, large and very well proportioned.

Its head is short, square form, muscular and the cheeks well stuffed.

The snout is black with large nostrils. The neck has strong and muscular.

It has ears medium-sized V-shaped. His hair is short and smooth texture.

The eyes they can be of different shades of yellow and Brown. Blue eyes are considered as a defect.

Usually the tail takes her amputated.

The color of hair can be clear Griffon, striped, grey, reddish brown, Brown and Brown shades, piebalt and black.

It has hair short, thick and soft texture.

Character and skills

It is a reliable and obedient breed, with a highly developed guard dog instinct.

It is an affectionate and playful dog with its owner, tends to be protector with the family, but it can be very aggressive with strangers.

He is very sure of himself and has no fear.

Your hair should be brushed occasionally and must bathe when necessary (Once a month, will be more than enough).
The Boerboel needs exercise, It is recommended to take a long walk on a daily basis. It is a dog that must not go only because it is not very friendly with strangers.

It is not to live in apartment, You must have a broad space to run and play.

It shouldn't be alone for long periods of time because it can become destructive. It is a race prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems, thyroid and heart.

It is an intelligent breed. Their training should be consistent, strong and at the same time positive reinforcements.

Their life expectancy is of 11 to 12 years.

Imágenes del Boerboel
  • Alternative names: African Boerboel / South African Mastiff / Burbul

Dogs breeds: Boerboel

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