American Pitbull Terrier
Estados Unidos Not recognized by the FCI

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier suele ser de naturaleza amable, even with strangers.



The American Pitbull Terrier is a pure breed of dog, originally from United States, It was forged from dogs imported from United Kingdom. Were used as fighting dogs until they were banned in 1976; they are now bred as pets and athletes in legal sports (Although it is still the favorite breed, dog fighting carried out clandestinely).

It should not be confused with other races mistakenly calls “pit bull”: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog and even more races “distant”, as the Dogo Argentino.

In Spain the American Pitbull Terrier He is considered a potentially dangerous breed of dogs by Royal Decree, by which to his possession must obtain the licence for possession of dangerous dogs and register it in the corresponding Municipal registry of potentially dangerous animals. One of the things that are required for this license is insurance of civil liability to third parties.

With the American Staffordshire Terrier, the confusion began when, at the beginning of the year 30, the American Kennel Club decided to give another name to the breed, American Staffordshire Terrier, with the end of that cease to be related to its past (The American Pit Bull Terrier was initially used as a dog fight). The American Pit Bull Terrier has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club, While the American Staffordshire Terrier, It is slightly larger, Yes it has been recognized.

Otros nombres: APBT / Pit / Pitty

Physical characteristics

The APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) is a dog's size medium, males usually weigh in 16 - 30 kg and females in 13 - 25 kg. They are known for their value, intelligence, dedication and loyalty. Are athletic Constitution and her calf focuses primarily on the nature and performance of functional dog.

Are advised to socialize with other dogs from puppies to make to adult aggression towards these minor.

Currently the race crosses a difficult time for the bastardization with other races for commercial reasons where massive dogs are looking for, deformed, with exaggerated heads or true color, by having more acceptance and one greater than the APBT quote pure. There has also been crossbreeding by neophyte breeders who have crossed pitbulls cigars with dogs of similar breeds and even with dogs without breed. In this case these mixtures are no longer American Pit Bull and therefore their behavior will never be the same as that of a pure blood.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is recognized only by two records, ADBA and UKC, Unlike the latter, the ADBA has the largest number of copies due to its defence and promotion of the breed.

According to the standard features of the breed are as follows:

Head: an exaggerated head, It will simply make you excessive weight that reduced you functionality when it comes to any type of work. An APBT, for all purposes provided in the head, It must appear two-thirds the width of the shoulders and a 25% more bandwidth on their cheeks to neck to the base of the skull. From the rear part of the skull to stop, It must be the same distance from the stop to the tip of the nose. The snout will be straight and square shape. The depth from the top of the head to the lower part of the jaw is important. The jaw is closed by the muscle temporary trench, the pressure you need the animal on the coronoide process. The head will be a form of wedge view up from or side, and when viewed from front is round. We do not accept dogs with long lip.

Eyes: The eyes are round, separated and located in a low position.

Teeth: Supported the closure in scissors (preferred), tongs and mild prognathism. The most important thing in the teeth of an APBT, that addition, the official judges of this breed of dog is that are based on a review of the standard, These are the tusks, that must slip through senior behind the lower.

Nose: The nose is dependent on the color of the dog, If it is white it should be red nose, If it is gray the must have grey until the bottom lip.

Neck: The neck should strongly be muscular to the base of the skull.

Rear train: This is the driving train of any four-legged animal. A 80% the work of an APBT develops in her hips and hind legs. A hip long and steep is extremely important, because it will give more support point to the femur, and it must be shorter than the tibia. The hips should be wide. To be this way it will take with them a wide back area, allowing a large surface area for the insertion of the biceps femoris and the gluteus muscles, they are the largest engines of the Powertrain.

Front: The dog must have deep ribs. They are wide above, narrowing towards the bottom of. The ribs are home to the lungs, which are not deposits, but pumps. The ribs act as a bellows. Its effectiveness is linked on the difference between the volume of contraction and expansion. The depth of ribs gives more room for larger lungs. The shoulders should be slightly wider than the ribs at the height of the eighth rib. Too narrow shoulders not aguantarán an appropriate muscle structure, but also a too wide shoulders structure slows the animal and added too much unnecessary weight. The scapula must be to 45 degrees or less angle to the ground, and this will be wide and flat. The elbows should settle levels, with the humerus in an almost parallel to the backbone route. The elbow must come under your ribs. The forearm, It should be just slightly longer than the humerus and it should be thick and solid, nearly twice the thickness of the metatarsals at the height of the Hock. The front legs and shoulders should be capable of withstanding much work and the thickness of the same here might be a virtue. The feet should be small and inserted high in the ranillas or trabaderas.

Tail: The tail will be inserted under; It must be long until a little before reaching the hocks. This has a thick to decline until the end. You must have form of crank when the dog is relaxed.

Mantle: The mantle can be of any color or combination of them. It should be short and strong. The luster of the mantle usually reflects the health of the APBT, vital sign.

Skin: It should be thick and loose, but not with folds, with the exception of the neck and chest, that should be loose enough to show some vertical folds.

Height to the cross: The height at the cross of males may vary between the 38 cm and the 48 cm., and in females, from the 35 cm. up the 45 cm..

Weight: Despite what many people believe, the APBT they are a small canine breed, at most medium, finding the weight of the males may vary between the 16 kg and the 28 kg, and the females from the 13 kg to the 27 kg. One can have an exemplary pure APBT that although three or four kilograms above these weights, but since then it would have to be fat.

General appearance: The APBT should be square seen from side, the distance from the shoulder to the point of hip to be equal to the distance of the shoulder to the ground. The animal high step and will have a maximum point of their body weight support.

The American Pit Bull Terrier he is a complete athlete. Its morphology is designed for speed, power, agility and stamina.

Character and skills

The American Pit Bull Terrier suele ser de naturaleza amable, even with strangers. Many specimens have strong hunting instincts, so it will not be strange to see his Pit Bull run behind the cats or other small animals to undertake the huída…

As with any breed of dog, proper training and socialization at an early age is a necessity. According to what is in the standard of his temperament "aggressive behaviour towards humans is not characteristic of the breed and is something very undesirable", because due to his powerful physique, the American Pit Bull Terrier needs an owner who is able to socialize it carefully and train it in obedience, to avoid any bad trago…

They are dogs with lots of energy and need exercise and stimulation to channel their energy properly and avoid turning into frustration, boredom, or destructive behavior.

If we take care of responsibly and if it is properly socialized, our American Pit Bull Terrier, will be an excellent pet.

To remember:

Thus dictates its over… "aggressive behaviour towards humans is not characteristic of the breed and is something very undesirable". Which confirms that, NO there are aggressive dogs, are their masters who stand out these characteristics in the dog. Once more the human hand that everything... as destruye…

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  1. the history detailing is almost like they have it, is not completely, because this race was not used for fighting, It was created for it, the difference is not less, It's not even subtle
    When the mixtures were initiated it was behind that goal, create a breed that retain the ability to fight with the same intensity from the start for long time, and good looking on the web there are dozens of videos that depict very well this point
    Best regards

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