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Slovak Hound
Eslovaquia FCI 244 - Medium-sized Hounds

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Kopov Eslovaco

The Slovak Hound (Slovenský Kopov or Slovakian Hound) It is a breed of dog of size medium hound type. Originally from Slovakia, was bred for boar hunting, not as a pet or exhibit it in dog shows (Showdog).

The club of the breed was created in Bratislava in 1988.

It appears listed by the FCI under breed number 244, group 6, Scent hounds, and related breeds, section 1.2 Medium-sized Hounds.

Promoted in the United States as a rare breed for those looking for a unique hunting dog.

Name "Black Forest Hound"apparently it was created in the US for marketing reasons, It has nothing to do with the Black Forest.

The Slovak Hound it is a typical hunting dog in appearance, with a muscular body, long legs, long tail, the ears are long and loose. The short coat is always black, with reddish markings (black and tan). Dogs must weigh around 16 kg and must be measured, approximately, 46 cm to the cross, females are slightly smaller. This is the ideal size is described in the breed standard.

The Slovak Kopov is more full-bodied than the American breed Black and Tan Coonhound, but it is lighter than other similar dogs from Poland, such as the Ogar Polski or Polish Hound which is the largest hound in the country. The eyes are always dark, deep, and they have a look of bravery and courage.

Although it is an independent dog, is intelligent, and is easy to train. It also, It is blessed with a great sense of direction.

The Slovak Hound It is a well-known hunting dog since ancient times., the breed was recognized for the first time in the year 1870. The races of Austrian Black and Tan Hound, Polish Hound and Hungarian hound (Transylvanian Scent Hound) is thought to they have formed part of their ancestors. The etymology of the name seems to allude to the color of the dog.

The Slovak Hound was developed and used as a hunting dog, There is an animal that sole have as a pet or is usually present to dog competitions (Showdog). It has been bred for hunting, especially wild boars, hence its fierceness. Although it is very common in its area of ​​origin, rarely seen in other countries. The Slovak Hound is similar to other Eastern European hounds in appearance and hunting style. It is very faithful to his master, He is an outdoor dog...

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  1. Hello good,
    I was wondering if it is advisable to adopt this dog, I am a very active person and I have a large yard so I can run but I am not a hunter nor do I intend to hunt.
    would you recommend it to me?
    Thanks a lot.


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