Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel (Irish Water Spaniel) It is a water dog and one of the oldest breeds of Spaniel dog. Also, is one of the rarest, being known, times, as the “clown” of the Spaniel.

While all the theories of origin of race point to Ireland, the origin of the breed remains unknown. It is possible that more than one of the oldest breeds of Spaniel are involved in its origin, but it is something that is not known for sure.

There is no knowledge of the ancestors of the Irish Water Spaniel, as the father of the breed, Justin McCarthy of Dublin, left no records of this.

A variety of dogs could apparently have been part of their development, among others: the Pudelhund, the Portuguese water dog and the Barbet, but its real predecessors or mixtures that gave rise to the Irish Water Spaniel are the subject of wide speculation.

The only thing that is clear is that this race has an ancient lineage. In the same way, It is known that the current breed was developed in Ireland in the Decade of 1830.

The Irish Water Spaniel has a well developed body and It is the highest of the Spaniel, with a height ranging from 56 - 61 cm., and a weight between the 25 - 30 kg.

It has solid construction, with a long, curved neck, chest deep and robust Member. His hair is curly and very dense in quantity but not very long, color liver or reddish-brown dark. The tail is short, with hair curled at the base. His head is dome-shaped, slightly larger and high. The eyes are Pacific and are dark amber. The ears are large, long and falls with the face.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a breed of dog active, that it is usually found in work environments where dogs Retriever are required (dog collector). They are intelligent, quick to learn, always alert and inquisitive. They sometimes exhibit funny gestures while working, reason for which it has gained the reputation and the nickname of “clown”.

The Irish Water Spaniel are very good pets, they are good with children and, generally, with other domestic animals. They can also be good guard dogs if it trains them to do so, to protect your family at all costs; However, they are not aggressive dogs, quite the contrary.

Irish Water Spaniel

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