Cuban Mastiff

Mastín Cubano

The Cuban Mastiff It was very notable and renowned for their ferocity. Extinct race.

The Cuban Mastiff or Cuban Dogo, It is a breed of dog of Cuba that has been terminated. It was very similar to the Bullmastiff. This breed of dog was used for dog fighting.

This breed of dog was introduced in Cuba to capture fugitive slaves (Maroons). After the abolition of slavery became an animal too expensive to feed, and so was, the race ceased to exist with the time.

They were among a Bulldog and a Mastiff size regards. Snout is short, bandwidth and abruptly truncated.

The head was broad and flat, and lips, pendants. The ears of medium-sized, and hanging also. Rather short tail, cylindrical, round upwards tipped forward.

Described them as a “Rusty color Wolf” with the face, the lips and black legs. The Cuban Mastiff is the largest of Mastiff with an average weight breed of 136.5 Kg.

The Cuban Mastiff was very notable and renowned for his ferocity in the fight and the ability in the pursuit of slaves.

Dogs breeds: Cuban Mastiff

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