Carea Leonés
España Not recognized by the FCI

Pastor Leonés

The raison d ' être of the Carea Leonés is the management and guidance of herds.



The Carea Leonés (or Leonese Sheepdog) es un perro cuya morfología y carácter han sido moldeados por su entorno, tanto físico como humano. Respecto al físico, it can be said that this breed is rooted in the regions of the province of León and Zamora. Esto fue así porque son zonas agrícolas donde los cultivos compartían su existencia con los rebaños de ovejas. So that this coexistence would come to fruition, y debido a la escasez de pastores que había en cada momento, y a que el número de cabezas podía ser elevado, It was necessary to call on an assistant to control the cattle by feeling, and this was the Carea Leonés.

Physical characteristics

It is a dog of medium size with a height to the cross between 48 and 55 cm in males and 45 and 52 cm in females.

It is a lightweight and agile dog in order to start after the flock avoiding their dispersion, or jogging in search of the sheep that is separated from the Group.

As regards the basic layer or coloring of hair, There are animals with black hair all over his body and others who, In addition, they are tawny color stains (reddish) in the extremities, the side and above the eyebrows.

In some specimens, the black color of the hair is clarified by dissolution of the pigment giving rise to an irregular patchwork of bluish-grey spots more or less clear, and even white spots, throughout the body of the animal.

Character and skills

The Carea Leonés it is a dog very attached to its owner and without adequate socialization, is distrustful and even urano with strangers, something that does not correspond so much to specimens raised between humans, showing these, much more receptive and sociable. It is a very alert and intelligent dog, with great learning capacity and predisposition to work. It is a dog with personality but it submits well to the orders it receives from its owner.

It is a raza no reconocida aún oficialmente, but you are trying to get official recognition as a native breed.

You are planning to develop a plan for recovery and promotion of the Leonese Pastor, because otherwise, su futuro se verá amenazado por la imparable reducción del número de rebaños de ganado ovino en pastoreo y por la creciente difusión de razas caninas extranjeras que podrían conducir en poco tiempo a la sustitución, miscegenation, absorption or, the extinction of the Leonese Pastor.

As a curiosity, PAS, was a Carea Leonés que apareció en la famosa película rodada en EspañaThe Kingdom of heaven“, Ridley Scott.

Source of the photo and more information about this race by clicking on Leonese Sheepdog (Blog dedicated to the race with very interesting information!).


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Alternative names:

    Perro de Pastor Leonés, Perro de Aqueda, Carea leonés, Leonese Sheepdog
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