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The Vallhund Swedish (Västgötaspets), It is a breed of dog in Swedish. It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund distinguished itself during the time of the Vikings, for more than 1.000 years ago. Known as the “Viking dog“, the Vallhund were bred for herding livestock, capturing vermin (as the rats, for example), and as a watchdog.

The Vallhund is a small but powerful breed of dog, brave, alert, strong, Intelligent, friendly and healthy. They have few known health problems (genetically inherited), and are considered robust dogs, healthy and with a life expectancy around the 14 years.

In some cases, they may face problems in the column, due to its short legs (distribution of the peso…).
The Swedish Vallhund, It was created as a working dog in to the farm, but it also has history as company mascots. This leads to it fit perfectly, in rural areas as well as life in cities.

The height at the cross expected according to the standard of the Swedish Vallhund, is of 33 cm in males and 31 cm in females. A variation of 1,5 cm above or below these measures, is allowed. With regard to the weight, round between 9 to 14 kg.

The Swedish Vallhund, It is a dog with good muscle (something very important in dogs with short legs). Their fur, It should be of medium length (pulling short), and hard. The outer layer is thin and firm and the inner layer is dense and soft. The hair is short on the head and in the earlier parts of the legs, While a little longer in the neck, the chest and back of the hind legs.

The desired colors are grey, grey-brown, reddish brown or greyish yellow with darker spots on the hairs in the back, the neck and sides of the body. The color white is allowed on a small proportion, as a narrow shining, (neckstop) or a light collar. White markings are allowed in the anterior and posterior limbs and chest. White patches that exceed more than the 30% on the colorful coat is generally considered a lack.

The Swedish Vallhund is a national race of Sweden, is believed to date from ago 800 or 900 years, and although there are theories that claim, race historians dismiss that there is a connection between the breed we know today as Pembroke Welsh CORGI, Despite its resemblance.

During World War II, the race was on the verge of extinction, but with time and much care was recuperada…

Then, in 1964, the Swedish breed standard was revised and the name Västgötaspet (in Swedish) It was officially adopted in recognition of the region of which come from the dogs Västgötaland.

Swedish Vallhund still being known as the caretaker of the cattle of Sweden, par excellence.
The breed is still very rare in the world.

In 2008, the Swedish Vallhund, the dog of Basset, the Tibetan Mastiff, and the Beauceron They competed for the first time, in the Westminster Kennel Club International exhibit.

The Swedish Vallhund is a great companion as a pet, but - also- It can be used for grazing. They love human attention and are very devoted to their owners.

It's a funny dog, happy and having fun with any group game. It is a dog friendly with most of the people, but they can be wary with strangers and should be, correctly, socialized and trained from pups, Since, going to try to protect your home, as it is, without being aware of its small size.

The Swedish Vallhund, You can compete in agility, obedience, show, Flyball, follow-up, and the raising of events. Also, can be measured in herding tests are not competitive.

Dogs breeds: Vallhund Swedish

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José Iván Córdoba

Hi I'm from colombia it is possible to get this race in colombia

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