Tibetan Mastiff (Dogo del Tibet)
Tíbet FCI 230

Mastín Tibetano

The Tibetan Mastiff It is not a dog to live with children.

The Tibetan Mastiff or Doge of Tibet (OJ-Khy), is a dog originating in Tibet, It appeared to the year 8000 to. C.

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient working breed of nomadic herders of the Himalaya and a traditional guardian of the Tibetan monasteries. Its history has been surrounded by great mysticism since it was discovered in antiquity. Since its mention by Aristotle (384 – 322 to. C.) at the famous writings of Marco Polo, who went to Asia in 1271, all historical reports praising the natural strength and greatness of the Doge of Tibet, both physically and mentally.

Until his barking It has been described as only and as a feature of the race highly treasured.

The outstanding European cinófilos of the past like Martin and Youatt, Megnin, Beckmann, Siber as well as Strebel, Bylandt have been researched intensively in the Tibetan Mastiff, being fascinated with their origin and role in the Tibetan culture.

One of the first Doges of Tibet reached western shores was an exemplary male sent to Queen Victoria by Lord Hardinge (at that time viceroy of the India) in 1847. Later in 1880 Edward VII (at the then Prince of Wales), took 2 dogs return to England. One of the earliest records of litter of Doges Tibetans was in 1898, born in the Berlin Zoo.

Considered as the race led all large mountain races and all mastiffs.

According to testimonies that go back to 2.000 years before Christ, the Tibetan Mastiff was used by the Assyrians as dog of war and for the custody of prisoners.

It still appears with that same look in Babylonian bas-reliefs, Egyptians and Greeks, showing in this way the great diffusion in very ancient times.

The Roman conquests and invasions of Asian peoples, It spread quickly to the basin of the Mediterranean giving rise to all the races of molossians Europeans, many of pastor and other rescue as the San Bernardo, the Newfoundland and the Dog Mountain in the Pyrenees.

Otros nombres: Dogo del Tíbet / Do-Khy / Dogue du Tibet / Tibet-Dogge / Tibetan Mastiff

Group 2 / Section 2 – molosoides

Tibetan Mastiff Features

It is a companion dog, Guard and protection; slow to mature, females reach only its height between 2 and 3 years and males at least the 4 years.

It is a dog powerful, heavy, good bone structure. Impressive, solemn but kindly appearance.

They have the feet quite large, strong and compact. They have the shape of the feet of cat with long hair between the toes. Its walk is strong, free, always light and elastic. In fast-moving gaits tends to bring members a median line. When walking, It seems slow and careful.

Males have, notably, more hair than females. The quality of the hair is of greater importance than quantity. Primarily the hair should be fairly long and dense.

When the weather is cold, you must have a layer of hairs, internal and thick that becomes sparse in the hot months.

The hair is fine but hard, straight and roughness. Never silky, curly or wavy. The hair of the inner layer, When it has, is quite woolly. The neck and shoulders are covered with hair giving the appearance of a mane. The tail is covered with dense and bushy hair. The upper rear of the hindlimbs is pretty long hair forms fringes.

They are of color intense Black, black and tan, Brown, various shades of gold, grey and blue; grey and blue and fire. Fire color varies from a very intense shade lighter colors.

It allows a White Star on the chest. Minimal white markings are acceptable in the feet. Heat stains appear on the eyes, in the lower extremities, on the underside of the tail, around the snout, and in the form of sunglasses around the eyes.

Tibetan Mastiff character

Respect to temperament, the race many experts agree that is a dog difficult character or complejo…, is distant, and too independent to the point of being unpredictable because rarely leaves knowing their true intentions.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a very courageous dog that not afraid of anything, and that makes it in a excellent guardian.

His family is very love and abiding, but it is completely distrustful to strangers, and that can lead it to bite a stranger, for this reason usually not a dog suitable for novatos… Because, If do not have education and training appropriate and responsible, It can be a real danger.

By that peculiar and especially unpredictable nature, race scholars pose that not is a dog ideal to live with children.

It is one of the breeds of ancient origin and which still today is used in the chain of the Himalaya to the custody of the herds and as guardian of the monasteries.

In the discharge of this function is safe and incorruptible, fierce and dangerous with strangers, as almost all races that can be defined as “old” and whose character has been forged in the course of the centuries.

It has little spread outside of Asia, even in the world of the cinophilia, It is little frequent to see copies of this race to participate in international dog shows.


In our country, There are very few examples of Tibetan Mastiff. Even in Tibet is on the verge of extinction due to the difficulties that entails raising dogs of this size.

The price of a Tibetan Mastin currently ranges between 1500 and 2000 EUR, a few 1700 and 2400 $.

In the news, the breeding the Tibetan Mastiff occurs almost exclusively in England.

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