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Posted by tiadoc | 14 September 2011



The Carlino (Pug) is a breed of dog miniature with wrinkled face and a body of small to medium-sized.

This breed is often summarized as "multum in parvo"” (“much in little“), describing his great personality for its small size.

This breed is often summarized as "multum in parvo" (much in little), describing his personality in relation to its small size.

They are not aggressive animals. Like any dog, they can bite, but it is very rare that this happens without the animal mistreatment.

The Carlino, has very ancient origins. He was raised and selected in China, country in which was the favourite dog of officials, It is also a very popular in Holland and England breed of dog.
In fact, England claimed the patronage of la raza, since they had been for years an excellent job of selection. At last, part of the patronage of the race was awarded to Great Britain.

Alternative names:

Chinese Pug, Mops, Puggu, Carlino..

Read all about the race by clicking on: Pug.


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