Sardinian Shepherd Dog
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Dogo Sardo



The Sardinian Shepherd Dog It is a breed of dog of Italian origin used as a watchdog of properties, livestock guardian dog, combat and working dog, in general.<>

It is a rare breed and quite unknown outside Italy, the Sardinian Shepherd Dog It was developed in the towns of Sardinia like a group dog Molossoid, mastiff type suitable for all types of work. From an aggressive guardian, an excellent pastor for the protection of livestock and a delicate and careful with their flocks farmer, up a fierce wrestler.

The race Sardinian Shepherd Dog is so valued by the people of Sardinia that - usually- they refuse to sell their puppies to foreigners.

The fact that the pups born and raise in Sardinia, contributed to make it difficult to determine the inheritance of the race. It is almost certain that their offspring is the same root as the rest of the old dogs with similar features that existed in the middle ages, shared legacy with the Neapolitan Mastiff, Cane Corso, Calabrese Bucciriscu and others.

The Sardinian Shepherd Dog rarely seen outside of his native region, and there are no written rules, or standard to regulate its characteristics, because they are not recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

For more confusion the population of Sardinia, defends that there are two separate races of Sardinian Shepherd Dog, one would be the Fonnese Pastore that it is a Long-haired shepherd dog, and the other the real one Sardinian Shepherd Dog What, locally, is known as Pertiatzu Cani and he has short hair, similar to the Cane Corso . This confusion comes from this name Fonnese Mastino has been erroneously used to name the Sardinian Shepherd Dog.

In reality the Fonnese Mastino (or Mastín Fonnese) is the smooth-coated variety of the breed Fonnese Pastore, that was born from the crossing of a Pastor Fonnese with a Sardinian Shepherd Dog.

Physical characteristics

Returning to our protagonist ... He Sardinian Shepherd Dog he is a very muscular and athletic dog, a working dog, differs from the Cane Corso, in some distinctive facial features such as its long snout and more attached to the body skin. Some Dogo Sardo were raised in rural areas have characteristics quite lupoides (the longer snout than normal), but in these cases... its purity is questionable.

The body of the Sardinian Shepherd Dog he is thin and strong, with a powerful neck and limbs of equal features. The ears are usually cropped, and in some cases they are almost completely eliminated, While the tail can be cut or not.

Although there is no standard on the Sardinian Shepherd Dog, Several experts agree that these dogs have an average altitude of 56 - 68 cm to the cross and a weight of 30 - 45 kg, but not this parameter can be set, is just orientative.

It has a huge head, with muscles in the cheeks (that they are handed down), has the snout - slightly- shorter than the skull, teeth strong and bite in scissors.

His eyes are amber (in different shades). The layer of hair is short and very thick hair (comparable to the boar), even the striped layer in one of its various shades resembles a boar, they are rarely white.
The appearance of the Dogo Sardo denotes elegance, power and wildness at the same time.

It tends to be very attached to the family (especially with the children), and distant with strangers and do not tolerate other males by his dominant spirit. It is very good for the guard.

Character and skills

The Sardinian Shepherd Dog It, in fact, a faithful hound with an easy gait. Known for his intelligence and diligence, it is also a particularly dignified and aggressive dog, actually needs a lot of physical activity.

Although he is used to living alone, is not violent towards other animals or people. He is very attached to his owner, whom he protects and blindly obeys. Has excellent instincts, so it can also be said that it is a defense and hunting dog.

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