Bridge-Audemère Spaniel

Spaniel de Pont-Audemère

The Bridge-Audemère Spaniel It is a breed of dog of the Spaniel type framed according to the Federation Cynologique Internationale in the sample of continental type dogs section.

It is thought that this Spaniel comes from crosses between the Irish water dog, the Poodle, the Barbet and different French Spaniel types that took place in the region of Pont-Audèmer, in Normandy during the 17TH and 19th centuries. This race saw very diminished its population after World War II and the lovers of the breed were forced to use to the Irish water dog to recover it and continue the. Today it is a breed very difficult to see even in their place of origin.

Compact and vigorous look Dumpy-looking dog. Bulky skull on top covered with a thick and silky curly fur as a toupee in the front, ears also covered with this hair that give the appearance of wear a wig; long snout with a small Protuberance, eyes small and stylized look alive and awake. Slightly arched neck, hindquarters and strong and muscular aspect somewhat flimsy front covered with a characteristic curled bangs. Narrow trunk and occasionally may be slightly curved. Tail that is usually amputation until a third of its length.

This dog is covered with curly fur and very peculiar borregoso aspect that also makes the function of waterproof. The race is often presented a mantle of color copper liver with parts of the body (bottom of the neck, abdomen, mask etc.) clearer even reaching the target. Presents measures of between 51 and 58 centimeters and a weight of 18 a 24 kg.

This breed is the typical Spaniel, easy to train for his gentleness and affection which shows made its owner. "In France is known as"Le Petit Clown des Marais” (the little clown of the swamps) because of their crazy when he accompanies the Hunter in the search for parts.

To be a hunting dog, It is advisable that one as much as possible exercise. It is not a dog that requires great care for your hair, It should be enough with a simple brushing on a regular basis.

Dogs breeds: Bridge-Audemère Spaniel

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