Český fousek
República Checa FCI 245 . Griffon type

Cesky Fousek

The Český fousek It is a dog of Czech origin, defined as a breed of versatile.



Before the First World War, the “Český fousek” It was the dog rough hair sample most important in the region of the current Czechoslovakia. Because of the First World War and its consequences, This race was on the verge of extinction in the mid-twenties. Hereafter, proposed regeneration of this race from some typical original dogs; through a planned selection produced the modern type of “Český fousek“, which currently it occupies second place in number among the breeds of hunting dogs used in Czech and Slovak Republics.

Physical characteristics

The “Český fousek” It is a noble dog sample size medium and coarse hair that has innate qualities for work in the field, in the water and in the woods, so that their usefulness is multiple. Despite being a hunter bitterest, let easily guide and has developed attachment to man.

Did You Know?

The name was given to this race according to the “Beard”, It located on the chin and characterizes him.

Height to the cross: Males: 60-66 cm., females: 58-62 cm..
Weight: In males at least 28 kg, maximum 34 kg. At least females 22 kg, maximum 28 kg.

Character and skills

The Český fousek It is a loyal dog, nice and very agile and active, very fond of hunting. It is a good retriever on land and water, but is used more frequently for exhibition games. Males are more stubborn, females are fairly quiet. It is friendly and playful with his family and acquaintances, it is customary to strangers more time. It may be too dominant during puberty, but it will fade over time. Very intelligent and insightful.

It works well with other animals , but supports the hunting instinct, chasing fast-moving objects, including pets or cyclists. It is advisable to breed in the herd, because socializes with other dogs perfection.

He is fond of children and have a perfect relationship with them.

It has a high bark to alert all pedestrians and unwanted visitors. It's a good guard, and if you think something is wrong, You may intervene against thieves.

Care “Český fousek”

The hair Český fousek It does not require a lot of care, I is sufficient occasionally comb with a brush with hard bristles. In case of heavy soiling, I wash it with good shampoo and water quality, since this type of hair may lose luster after a bad shampoo.

It is a very active and playful breed that likes to play and show hunting. He likes to do exactly that, but if it is sufficiently occupied by another type of movement, it will not lose. Every movement is suitable for him. It has an almost inexhaustible supply of energy, so it is particularly suitable for sports-minded people and provide them with enough exercise. Without moving, the “Český fousek” You might get bored and entertain destroying your garden or house.

Training and education are necessary, without them it can become completely unmanageable and too dominant. You need a driver to raise him better without violence. It can be dominant, not nervous.

Images “Český fousek”


1. When reusing, please credit me asauthor: Adam Kliczek, http://zatrzymujeczas.pl (CC-BY-SA-3.0)If you use my image on your website, please send me an email with webpage adress. If you use my image in your book, please send me an email.Contact me at: adam.kliczekgmail.complen plen +/- +/- / CC BY-SA
2. Cesky Fousek by https://pxhere.com/es/photo/789408
3. Cesky Fousek by https://pxhere.com/es/photo/680392
4. Czech_fousek at the World Expo in Poznan by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
5. Czech_fousek at the World Expo in Poznan by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
6. Czech_fousek at the World Expo in Poznan by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
7. Czech_fousek at the World Expo in Poznan by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
8. Cesky Fousek by https://pxhere.com/es/photo/845285

Videos “Český fousek”

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 7 –> Pointing Dogs. / Section 1.3 –> Continental Pointing Dogs, Grifón type . With working trial.
  • FCI 245
  • Federations: FCI , NZKC

    , UKC

  • FCI standard of the race Český fousek

Alternative names:

    1. Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon, Rough-coated Bohemian Pointer, Barbu tchèque (English).
    2. Ceský Fousek (French).
    3. Český fousek, Böhmisch Rauhbart (German).
    4. Czeski fousek (Portuguese).
    5. Terrier Checo (Spanish).
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