Large Münsterländer
Alemania FCI 118

Münsterländer Grande

Nature Large Münsterländer is lively but not express nervousness.


Historically, the Large Münsterländer, It was a dog used to hunt birds and hawks in the middle ages, its origins lie in the trackers and the perdigueros, as well as sample of 19th century dogs.

Münsterländer Grande is considered, Small Münsterländer and the German sample dog long hair as part of the family of long-haired German show dogs, whose professional parenting was beginning around the end of the 19th century.

After the “Deutscher-Langhaar-Verein” it excluded definitively to the black dog in 1909, the “Association for the pure breeding of show dog long-haired black-and-white Münsterländer”, founded in 1919, He assumed the hair long black and white dog breeding. Once were documented in an original list still exist other dogs of this native breed of hair length above all in the region East of the Münster and the Lower Saxony, the Association began in 1922 the planned raising of great Münsterländer.

The original list included to 83 dogs. The descendants, proceeds from the mating of the great Münsterländer captured in the original list, they were recorded in the book of great Münsterländer parenting.

Otros nombres: Großer Münsterländer / Großer Münsterländer Vorstehhund / Grosser Münsterländer / Large Münsterländer / Grand Münsterländer / Grand Épagneul de Münster.

Group 7 / Section 1.2 – Continental Pointing Dogs, spaniel type

Dogs breeds: Large Münsterländer

Physical characteristics

It is a dog with strong and muscular body structure, with a stylized picture; expression of intelligence and nobility.

Has a step and trot elastic, covers the ground, with a wide range. Elastic Gallop, with great momentum and thrust of the later members, and broad jump.

Vídeo del Münsterländer Grande
Large Munsterlander Wilson Hunting duck retrieveLightbox for Video by v1.11

The skin is adherent. Her hair is long and dense, Although smooth; It is not wavy or separated, because this could be an impediment to perform its role in the hunt. Typical long hair.

The hair, both the male and the female, It must be especially long and dense in the posterior region of members before and after (with good feather). Also on the tail the hair must be especially long. The longest boom in the queue must be half the length of this.

The hair of the ears It should be long (with good formation of stripes) and it must be so long that it symmetrically exceeds the lower edge of the ears (never leather ears). In the rest of the head hair should be short and adherent.

It is of color White with plates and black spots, or a black splash. Black head, eventually with a spot or a whitelist.

Character and skills

Large Münsterländer, is a versatile hunting dog, his greatest skill is at work to perform after the firing of the Hunter.

Its main features are docility, ability to learn and reliable utility for hunting. Its nature is lively but not obvious nervousness.

It can be perfectly adapted to the home life, which will greatly enjoy the heat of his family, but you also need to run in the field to feel completely happy moments.


You need to do plenty of exercise, It is an ideal companion to go out running.

Images of the great Münsterländer

Videos del Münsterländer Grande

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